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[PETC] Patryks Epic tanker clan77 - Recruiting+info about clan


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patrykb2002 #1 Posted 14 February 2015 - 02:11 PM

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PETC exists now over an year since i've created i was scared that people wont join and all but now, i have freinds that help me out. The clan created in

22/01/2014   along time between then and now as we  have improved . Alot of people asked me why named PETCPatryks Epic Tanker Clan77?

1.patryk= me the Leader

2.Epic=because i know one day we will be the most Epic clan

3.Tanker=we are all tankers

4.Clan=Not only Clan but fun community on whenever wish

5.77=couldnt fit in lol

We are now back to recruiting since new year so yeah lets go to the point of recruitation!


[PETC] is an relaxed Social EU clan focusing on teamplay so if your an Teamplayer this is the right place for you!...

We Guarentee:
Lots of Fun!!!!!
Lots of Teamworking!!!!
Lots of Blowing up:)


What we need from you...:
-800+ WN8 (Go on www.noobmeter.com to check your WN8)
- At least: 1 tier VI (cromwell/KV-85) And 1 tier VIII tank (IS-3/Tiger II or Amx 13 90)
-Good english
And being an mature person

If you want to join Pm me on WOT,Forums,or WOT Page Thanx!

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