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Strange when you can´t invite members YOU want.

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Ancient10 #1 Posted 16 February 2015 - 01:45 AM


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it is so strange...  ( - and a complaint and many things.. on my mind! )                                                   3:(

Since this is a game, where you suppose to choose... you chose tanks to play, you chose friends and so forth, but, when I now try to invite, a member I know... a person I WANT to invite..
I can´t ... since I need to search, put it out there for anyone to be able to Join and so forth... before THAT person I want to join... Can Apply...
and then should I accept and then... He´s in our team /Clan.. Instead as it was Before,,  I manage MY clan AS I want to.... In an EASY way... fast,  very easy and very simple.. way-!
[[  I sent out an invitation, for those I chosen, to join, could join if they want to..  yes / no and then it was done...  but now ? ( the person behind the way this is handled shout be shot, Good dammit !)]]

- I wonder if some dev people just want to have fun, and by that, screaw, those that play... those that Do Not wanna play this as it was an company, with Rules, orders, commited times for everyone, that is mandatory and so on and so Forth!    but as they see fit, to play--- with those they want top play with... NOT in a fuCKKing, EU standard "way" where no one can be excluded and everyone has the right to join.. EVEN if I do not want to...But they HAVE the right to.. and THAT I cant refuse... ( á !Fuckking stupid way of handling things... if you ask me...!  )   :izmena:

- YES this pissing me off.. I spent money on this... and now I cant use it as I want to... since some Einstein..
has decided that you need to do this before you can do that, and then you can do so.. and so.. and if... then you can chose this and this But, Bot this or that... Why ? Since it is up to us, he/ she, them to chose... not have a dad telling us, what to do or not to do... ! ! !               :izmena:

-  And yes you can call me racist if that pleases you.. when I say I want to  play with my Friend, which speak Swedish, that I know, that I understand and that has experienced something except school...
And I do not want to speak broken English or Polish or Hungarien..or Whatever... and so forth... since I DON T WANT TO... since I don´t understand a shiit and I do not like they way they play / majority..!

I want my close friends and WHEN I cant invite Those... in a easy way,  that when I get pissed of, by system, that is  more stupid, more complicated, and so on... then they have to.. !
( When I chose to.. I use the Game as it is possible... when the Game (And its developers decide, that since.. EU... Parents, children and others nagg on them, so they decid to make the game Vanilla style... I feel and think that the game and its developers... can go and screaw themself... Since they change it, they alter it.. and The change so much that, the game you been playing for the last 1-3 years is not the same... its more and more for KIDS... and by that, people.. that do not pay themself,
but the Game indiustry REALLY want to Hook up, since they are Easy target... and very willing to pay and follow orders.. !

The game... itself, is of less importance... as it Seems... and thats bother me, a LOT... !

(( I now saw, that you can ASK or set an limit, for those that can join !  to the Clan,,, ? // But when it comes to game play and to even up the game... You Can´t ?    WHY ?  ))
- To play with people with thousands and thousand of battle less or more then you  is strange, mad, crazy ?...it makes the game uneven and insecure... You can´t tell how a battle will end unless the MM, the "nut"  tells you that this team (55-90%) should "probably" win....  and then "how much, has your skill to do with that battle ? the fun.. of playing and so forth ?

- And is that so hard to understand, is it possible that a big game company can be so "out there" that they can´t tell when things goes sour in the game and for the players ?

- is it possible that the VD, the investors do not care about the game and it´s benefits, but only cash flow and profits ?
- is it possible that they count on, and expect, that there should be " 1 type of "kids" that play.. and age difference... is not an issue?  since who the dumb [edited], older then 30 play games ?
 (( and if they do, they has to adapt or quit, since the game is for youngster... and kids that want.. know it all.. and do not bother to tell the difference...
  is a Factor Those older Players, Has to take this under consideration !  Not vice versa... an as a company you know this .. and something what you exploit and earn a lot of money on ?.... or ? ))

- Since ofc, my ranting is sad to hear when you spend 1000 hours of programming, doing what you suppose to... ofc, its boring as hell, and as a response I can choose to stop playing and so forth,

but, hey, what if.. you read what I write, you try to understand, what it is that makes me so angry.. and your response, will be about stuff, that matters, that you think of and so on...
instead of being either one of this polite support duds, that do nothing except talking and tell you stuff.. but never helps you... but you as an company, can claim you do... !
or plain, pissed of yourself, and all you can come to think of... is that my English is so bad... so you wont even respond ?

- now I come to think of the next thing that pisses me off... WHY.. is it so, that stuff is so complicated or stupid done... that you expected to stay or have to be in other places, like ; Forum/ support pages, dictionaries and so forth ! then in the game, Playing...               :amazed:
And there is no easy way to get this information, it has to be... redirected, it has to be hidden... and it has to take time... ?
( since if I want to spend time in the game, should it not then be easy to do so ? / log on, connect, and play... ?  / problems, 1 pages, different subjects... Each with an searchengine, with all Questions, all information on them ? and so forth.. )
Since the Information is out there... You can have it, IF some other gamer, some other interested, have done it for you ! (ex: XVM, as it seems, you have to had close connection, with those behind it.. but, why not then make it easy within the game, to include, versions... for the convenience for us that play... instead of the trouble to have to.. make new downloads, new installations, and so on... ? ? ?
( or is it like this, If I chose to play your game, and If I chose to pay or not, those is Questions is unimportant,  IF I chose to play at all.. I have to be committed enough, to do a lot, to show, I am serious..
 or I as a "boring, sad, complaining gamer, can quit.. since I am of no interest to you... IF I not....
- If I play, I have to pay.. and if I play.. I do it with your rules and with those limits there is... how stupid they may be...   but that what you decided. ( your way.. or the Highway...)

And I accept, the Rules... I accept Not to cheat, and not to use deadly force...
But You can´t tell me to be kind to stupid people, you can´t tell me accept.. that people do not play, - in the game, -  only leaching, - to create good stats... - hiding, spoiling the game and so on.. so THEY themself can and will have point, money and stats.. THOSE THINGS... Do I want, to Avoid, And that HAS to be My choice to be able to Avoid..
or this game is.. and will always be plain stupid... ( ofc a lot of people will accept those types of gamers and the way of behavior... I do Not! )

And this is my "silver lining"  regarding this message... Do not claim that you have choices... when you don´t  | Let people decide and upon that even out the differences, between peoples experience...
and... Why no have an filter in game, that let you decide If / and you want to play with people with 800 Battles when you and the top players, has 23-48k battles
Even if they have an tier 6-8 tank The Experience they lack !... makes it so uneven, and its sad, unfair, bad and crazy IF you have one of those in your team...
( since with experience, people learn... when they learn, they do not stay in spawn, waiting on... good know what... and why... )
Since each tank counts... in a game..and everyone has an role or two.. to play ( since you can, chose... even if.. you has an..x-kind of tank..)
but No one should has to see, people hiding in the first bush closest to home... since they as a player, don´t know what to do, he/she don´t know how to drive, aim, placement and distance,
(and so forth ! )

So you should be able to chose, Experience ranged values ( like, 0-5k battle 0-10, and so forth or  +/- 5k ( 10-20k/ unlimited) battles, from where you stand !
That does not exclude or makes the "bad player go away", but it makes it less likely, that you has people with no experience what so ever.. and that is a big difference !

And, I really hope someone, within the Playing community, has some saying in your way of choosing, how to do, what you can do.. and so forth, when you construct your UI /setup...
Since today, it seems, that you do things, so it the most easy way for the programmers and "or" something...  not how, its best and easiest to play, choose and do things... in game..!
for the users.. "As it should be.."  if you want to create a Good Game... with full functionality... ( it should be, user friendly...)  

- Dang, why can´t I write short !   :hiding:

Roua28 #2 Posted 16 February 2015 - 11:35 AM

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John_Preston #3 Posted 16 February 2015 - 11:47 AM

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TsundereWaffle #4 Posted 16 February 2015 - 12:05 PM

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You can invite persons you want, just go to their profile and send an invite.


and tl;dr

Pansenmann #5 Posted 16 February 2015 - 09:33 PM

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(also stopped reading halfway. makes no sense)

Woody1999 #6 Posted 17 February 2015 - 01:51 AM

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I agree.


Weird, isn't it. You can be combobulating along, in your own world, when you accidentally end your sentence with the wrong strawberry. For example, the other day, I went and bought a martini that had been staring at the signature of a discombobulated pie, and I seemed to have muddled up my lamp posts. Instead of asking the bartender for a martini, I ended up getting a crude oil submerged gigabit switch. Isn't life funny.



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TINI06 #7 Posted 21 February 2015 - 08:21 AM


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Cant answer. Im hiiiiigh

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