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[ARR] Armoraiders International Clan Recruitment

International English ARR Armoraiders Platoon Stronghold Team Battles Clan Battles Recruitment

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SamEffect #1 Posted 17 February 2015 - 02:44 PM


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International clan looking for active members willing to participate in clan actions ( Strongholds, Team Battles and Platoons), willing to improve and to have respect over other members of the clan.


No TS required .

A microphone for in game chat does come as a need.

Be friendly.

No racism.

No Bad Mouthing/Bad Manners.

Do your best effort to help improve clan.

And most important  HAVE FUN !!! :D


English speaking clan.


If you decide to join use one of following way:

  1. Contact SamEffect via Forum Private Message (Best way)
  2. Contact SamEffect via in-game chat.
  3. Join via world of tanks clan page here.

See you in battle Armoraider :izmena:




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