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Operating Tanks.

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Dreno278 #1 Posted 28 February 2015 - 04:36 PM


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Hey Guys.


I started wondering over this question, why is there still countries in ex. the Eastern Europe who operates old Soviet tanks, and just keep upgrading on them. When they could buy slightly used Leopards 2 or anything newer and more mordern? 


Nice Day to all of you :D

Iosys #2 Posted 28 February 2015 - 05:10 PM

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Yo! And Beware, TL;DR textwall incoming! :P


Military vehicles tend to have a given lifespan, at the end of which their effectiveness drops considerably in comparison to their peers, i.e they'd be facing newer tanks with better guns, armour and ammunition.


Then it's either a choice to refit them and extend that lifespan (e.g, adding ERA, tuning or replacing the engine and transmission, replacing the gun/optics and switching to a new ammunition type) or just sending them to the scrap yards or selling them off to other countries.

A common refit would be something like replacing a coaxial ranging gun with a laser rangefinder.

However some things can only be improved so far-- e.g a small turret won't be able to fit a significantly larger gun without some tradeoff. The tracks can only hold so much weight, so you can't just add huge slabs of armour on, etc.

If that refit cost is higher than the cost of simply just buying a factory-fresh brand new vehicle, you can safely say the old ones will be put into long term storage, the scrapyard or just sold off.


Anyway, there's plenty of countries with badly equipped armies in the third world in which even old tanks are better than none at all. Better yet, they'd be cheaper than brand new vehicles. This is mostly in africa, the middle east and asia. I think the Nigerian army just bought a load of tanks from some Czech company, actually. (of course, tanks versus guerillas armed with RPGs is never a good match up. That's if the corruption in Nigeria doesn't end up putting those tanks in rebel hands first, lel.)


Also tanks are pretty common past the old iron curtain. You can see quite a few as monuments in children's playgrounds, for example.



It's most common in navies, though. Warships are a huge investment of time and money, so countries like to make sure they get the absolute most out of them, replacing EW suites etc.


There's an example. Twenty years of service, Flagship of the british fleet during the falklands conflict. Lovely old carrier we sold to our good friends in india...


...And in India?


She's the oldest carrier still in service. ;)

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