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Play World of Tanks they said, it'll be fun they said.

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Doigenunchi #1 Posted 28 February 2015 - 05:37 PM


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All right, so I don't really know where to post this so I'll just leave it here. I have quite a few things to say and ask, so bare with me.

After playing mostly on low tiers (after I sold my russian TD's) I decided to, once again, climb my way up to the top of the "food chain". Trying to get my first tier X tank.


Having already unlocked the T-43, I decided I shall take that line up to the T-62A. I was at first discouraged by the fact that many claim the T-43 isn't a good tank. I was, after all, having the same low-ish penetration gun (tier VII wise) of the T-34-85. To my big surprise, it was one of the easiest and enjoyable grinds in the game. Almost 60% WR, and I was close to getting my 3rd Mark of Excellence. In fact, I was doing so well(in my terms at least), I unlocked the T-44 relatively fast and never got the chance to get my 3rd Mark.

I was happy. An enjoyable grind for an enjoyable tank, and now I'm a tank closer my goal. Unfortunately, I had to sell it in order to buy the T-44 so I had to say goodbye, tears were shed for that immensly fun tank. Little did I know, the fun was over. For good.

T-44, almost no free XP, only the 2nd 85mm cannon unlocked. I mounted suspensions so I could concentrate on researching the turret, the cannons and ultimately, the engines. The crew was doing bad since I re-trained it. I was expecting something bad at first, but I wasn't ready for this. I got crushed time after time after time. It wasn't like I wasn't trying, I was just... useless and hopeless.Couldn't spot, barely could pen (mostly tier IX and X), flanking was out of the question most of the time. All I could do, was poke my head from time to time to attract a few shots. I basically acted as meat shield for my team.


After I finally managed to unlock the first 100mm, things started to get gradually better. I could at last flank a bit more reliable, I finally had the gun for it. Things went a bit better until I elited the tank and a bit after. Managed to get up to 53% WR and almost to the 2nd Mark of Excelence, I wasn't having as much fun as with the T-43 but it was.... all right... I could manage it. The tank is quite quick, flanking is all right with it.


All good and well, until Satan himself decided to climb into the realm of mortals and curse my freaking tank. Had a horrible loss streak that costed me 5% WR in the said tank. I was blaming myself, I was blaming the team, I tried to analyze what caused it and I still don't know for sure but I have an ideea.


Myself ? Partially maybe so, but I'm not mentally ill to be able to cause such a huge loss streak. The tank ? No, the tank is fine ! The... matchmaking ? Partially. My teammates ? Partially. The players ? YES !!!
It's the freaking players, I tell you ! I felt like the higher you get in tier, lower the IQ of some players drop. It's absurd. I simply cannot find WoT fun anymore because of it. I'm about to sell the T-44 when I'm at like 55k XP into the grind and well, play lower tiers. Max tier VI. I don't know how much I can deal with the tomatoes (or potatoes how I like to call 'em). How do you deal with it ? I'm at the end of my patience.

I'll end this wall of text with a replay when I was grinding for the LB-1. Confederate, High Caliber, almost 1k XP (slighy less than top XP on winning team), a loss of course. This is exactly what I was talking about. This replay presents the worst you can get in WoT (except trash talking.. can't have 'em all huh). Noob platoons, people trying and wanting to cap in hopeless situations or when not required at all, people not giving a damn they are flanked and circled, people having absolutely no ideea where to shoot or to move in front of the enemy guns and even team damage (our STA). And you know what ? Most of the kind of drivers I mentioned earlier, are driving top tier tanks.... I freaking tell you man, IQ drops 20 points proportionally to tier increase from V and above.


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BatelGeuce #2 Posted 28 February 2015 - 06:03 PM


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You don't need to make two topics you know ?

Doigenunchi #3 Posted 28 February 2015 - 06:12 PM


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I just noticed and I apologize... that was a mistake >.< I don't like the forum commands. Tab should place 5 spaces not .... well nvm.

State_Alchemist_Quinntin #4 Posted 02 March 2015 - 02:23 PM


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One thing you need to remmember when you are playing WoT is that you should never relay on your team (unless you are in platoon) and to not to expect from others that they will do what you would have done in same situation( like shield and save other tank, follow up meds boom-rush etc.). It knows to get very fustrated from time to time but crucial thing for good games is platoon.


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Insert_Insult #5 Posted 03 March 2015 - 06:32 PM

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sorry to say, but you were lied to....

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