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This is just me or?

guest273 RNG Lose FTW Randomness troll-hard MM More corruption plz WG WG I buy premium when I have MS-1 win rate 95%

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guest273 #1 Posted 02 March 2015 - 10:07 PM


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I've been noticing 2 really strange things lately:

1) You can see 1 pixel of an enemy, no aim - hit, hit, hit, totally abuse his mistake. An enemy on the open, not moving - aimed max - miss, miss, miss...???wth? RNG just rolling me or something?

2) First game is a defeat always. I can play with 2 best WoT players of that tier in the universe. Platoon makes 13 kills, we lose...platoon makes nothing, we lose, platoon is decent, we lose, I solo, we lose. Yeah ok the next 3-4 games then are pure wins usually but why is the 1st game a lose always...like for 3 weeks every day in a row???? MM became a full-scale troll or WG really dislike 100% win rate possibilities...


No tinfoil crap plz. It sounds like I have a phobia but these 2 mystical things are happening to me. I'm gonna play tomorrow with the 2 best players that will be online for any tier. 1st game lose. I will see a slow tank in the open and my shots will totally miss the center, while a tank that is barely visible will get hit by me 3 times in a row with no effort...I feel like I'm being trolled like too much over here.


(you can consider this a rant, I'm interested if this is just me having really bad luck 3 weeks in a row or other people also seen this?)

Shaka_D #2 Posted 03 March 2015 - 10:53 AM


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RNG maybe?  in third person I pointed at the very top part of a t54 turret (only tiny part which lit up for me) which was hiding behind a ridge with my cent 7/1 to discourage him moving out and hit and penned him twice. The noob came out  fully side on to me and I aimed in sniper mode at his sweet spots and did a zero damage shot - twice. Game seems it encourages noobish gameplay over skilled play at times. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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