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Anime Skins request (And remodelling)

Anime Skins request

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Devultra #1 Posted 03 March 2015 - 12:56 PM


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Hey everybody!


I'm looking for some Skins for my Tanks, better sayed, for somebody who can make me a awesome Skin for my StuG III B and Obj. 140.

As the Title says I want some Anime Skins. :P

So, it would be very nice if anybody can post some Anime Skins for ALL Tanks, because I WANT MOAR, and if you can do Skins, or Skin Mods (Would be so fckn awesome!)


For the StuG I really wish somebody can make me a Mod Skin. If you ever wtahced Strike Witches you know whats coming. (As you can see, my Photoshop Skillz are such stronk..) I want the Tale and the Ears from Hannah-Justina Marseille and the Antenna from the StuG III B up aaaand a nice Hannah Skin. (I know, normally she fly planes, but #ThugLife ), so this is a hard one. I would like a normal Skin to, but prefer this crapTear and Ears. xP

Oh and, please don't forget the destroyed StuG III B, Ears and Tail down. Lol







































































Hannah-Justina Marseille


So, the next one is the Obj. 140. My fantasy is such stronk that I only can say: I really really would like it if anybody can make me a Jibril Skin for the Obj. 140. Jibril? Jibril? Who is that. Oh STFU and take some Photos:

Okay, now I think you Guys are finished fapping ,#TooMuchBoobs , is the Question, who can remodel and Skin or just Skin this Tanks?


>> Character: Jibril

>> Anime: No Game No Life


And please, post more Skins for Tanks... I don't wanna search everytime in russian Forums .... 


Have a nice Day. 



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