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About the 2 unpopular game modes.

guest273 WG WG stop WG stop puting pawel in my teams I mean 40k games has 43% GWR Is that normal? On tier 8? WG??? Are you serious?

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guest273 #1 Posted 04 March 2015 - 10:45 PM


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Yes, so I was wondering about the 2 unpopular game modes, you know the ones that exist but most people don't play them.


When is the 5v12 mode finally released? You have been testing it for 3-4 patches now WG. I would love it finally introduced so I could turn it off. Or at least give the 5 players more health and put them as top tiers while the 12 players get -1, -2 or -3 tiers. Tnx.


Also about battles vs bots. Those would be better if reports would actually do something. I find it very unrealistic that bots for some reason when they meet a TD with good camo, approach it 1 by 1. I think some teamwork needs to be introduced in those conditions. It's also pretty unrealistic that the bots don't use cap if they have the possibility to gain a free lose and would rather attack an enemy base 8 sectors away than turn back to defend their own base 2 sectors away. I also love that WoT forces me to learn many different languages, more particularly the street languages. I can now travel to Poland for example and give him an exact opinion of what I think about him. I totally understand why there is no need for mini-map for bots and there is no function to for example to draw arrows on the minimap indicating the movement of where you expect the bots to be.

Yes It is sometimes fun to fight vs bots but with a StuG III G for example it gets tiresome sometimes. I just sit in a bush and keep my mouse pressed down, the aiming is so fast and I don't feel like a superhero beating 8 bots on my own. The worst thing is that they actually beat me because with vents + rammer I can't outgun like you know...5 of them at the same time.

I would like this game mode to stay please but give us - the players some options like how many bots we want on our team. 3 or 6 or 9. Seems to be toggled on 9 most of the time, would be nice to reduice it to about 3 I think. A few bots are always fun to have but not too many. This is WoT not WoB right?




Yours beloved and popular guest273. 

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