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Weak Spot Guide: AT-15a

WoTGuru AT-15a Weak Spot Guide Weak Spots

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C_Menz #1 Posted 10 March 2015 - 01:47 AM

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The tier 7 premium British tank destroyer AT-15A is a slow but heavily armored tank for its tier and since it does not see tier 9 tanks due to its matchmaking it makes its armor better on a more regular basis.  Facing the AT-15A like other “AT” tank destroyers you will be faced with an unusual frontal armor scheme with various angles, thick armor, and several weak spots unlike other tanks.  Once you get to the sides and rear however the AT-15A like its other AT series tank destroyers loses a lot of its armor protection since the angles(one the sides) and thickness(on the rear) diminish compared to the frontal armor.


This weak spot guide linked below breaks down the AT-15a according to effective armor values into different armor groups.  For areas with no hull armor behind it to cause HP damage and/or place where zero damage critical hits are likely to place they are highlighted in purple.



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