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A41 recruteaza


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yuku19 #1 Posted 10 March 2015 - 06:50 AM


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It just all about war and fun.

Condition to be a part of this clan A41 (All for One):

Player must have:

1 x tier 6 (mandatory)
1 x tier 8 (mandatory)
2 x tier 10 (nice to have)

At least 1 SPG for evil reasons :)

A player must know what means: Focus Fire, Share Fire, Training Room, Bounce Positions, some strategy or other important stuffs.

We don't care about your efficiency, rate off kills, how many damage you have done.

An PLAYER must be a part at least 1 team for ESL (7vs7) or other competitions.

When you are on-line at game, must be on-line at TS server.

We use Teamspeak3: ts.stego.ro

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