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Looking for a daytime clan

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Kittynana #1 Posted 19 March 2015 - 01:46 PM


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Ok, let me start off with that I am very close to uninstalling and moving on but decided to try joining a clan as Ive read that this may help retain my desire to play this game.  I would like to continue to play but Im getting very frustrated very quickly with many things though mainly with my huge lack of skill playing this game.


About me:  Im American(dont hold it agaisnt me) and older than most (53).  I work graveyards so my playtime is between 7-11am PST or if I get on at night will be from 9pm to 3am PST.  I believe those hours would correlate around 4-8pm or 3-9am BST.  I probably am off on those hours so forgive me if I have erred.  Im a newish player and as I mentioned not all that good.  I currently have T5-6 tanks with the exception of just getting the T25/2 American TD.  My plan is to stick around at this level and play my T5-6 for about 250+ games each so that I learn, my crews get trained, and I earn credits.  I am not in a hurry to climb the tier ladder so please dont expect me to advance quickly.  I am quick tempered and have been known to rage but only at my monitor and usually its because Ive done something that a moron wouldnt do.  Yes Im hard on myself but competitive and like to win and get surly when I dont.


I do not play artillery nor will I if asked.  I will not play something I depise but will not say anything negative towards you if you like it or play them.


Lastly,  I am looking for a clan with members that have folks on during my playtime.  Im not trying to be rude when I say that I do not want invites to join if your clan doesnt have members on during my playtimes.  Im looking for a home so yes Im being picky because I dont plan on jumping ship at the first chance I can.  Also, I may be old but I am teachable and willing to learn.  I have TS3 loaded as well and have mic/headset working.

NikiHawk #2 Posted 19 March 2015 - 04:08 PM


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Hey Mate,


I had a look at your statistics, to be fair they arent to good, but close to get average.

Im the 2nd commander of the LACSS clan where we got ppl from all over europe together in a english speaking clan.

Im up to play platoons with you and show you good positions and other stuff that may help you if you join.

We got a TS3 server and would be happy if you join us!




With Greetings,



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A_GIO_Rob #3 Posted 19 March 2015 - 04:20 PM


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24 hrs a day
we are a uk based clan with 90 members all 18+
ps alot off us old farts i am one off them i am 50 :( lol bout 25 off us over 50  ant it crapgetting old
if you would like to no more jump on our team speak for a beer and a chat ps bring your own beer i am scottish :) lol
pm   pass   bull

saxoncrusader #4 Posted 19 March 2015 - 05:28 PM


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been there got the t shirt and a new monitor lol


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