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SPIKE's 1st anniversary and 2nd clan RADIO

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scrontch #1 Posted 28 March 2015 - 09:39 AM

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Hello Tankers,


 Signal Spike [SPIKE] is celebrating its 1st anniversary!


A bit of history:
About two years back in time, when i had my first tier 6 tanks, and got tired of random solos, i discovered the fun of tank companies. After some first experience with fun-clans and voice commanded companies, i quickly found my way into the freestylers company scene, where more experienced people played without voice comms. Special thanks to Knarzt for being a driving force providing regular company events at that time, and let me participate many times.

With Wargaming introducing strongholds and thus menacing the future of tank companies, i thought about a way to help the freestylers scene in form of a dedicated silent/freestylers clan.

Following a promotional event from WG and Razor, i was able to found a clan at no cost. After some unspectacular first months, Psychedelic, himself a regular TC-freestyler joined the clan and it was the starting point for our slow but steady growth.

Now only recently, nearly one year later, the clan has achieved full 100 members level and everything goes swimmingly.
Platoons and stronghold are played nearly every evening and with a skirmish win rate of over 70% over more than 1200 battles we need not hide behind vocal/commanded clans.


There can be many reasons to prefer a silent clan:
The sleeping baby next door, the wife watching TV in the same room, the need for a bit of silence after a hard day at work, or simply the fact of feeling a little bit awkward when talking to complete strangers over the internet.


Although frowned upon by some as non-social, our silent and non-obligations mode of operation is what many people are looking for and fits them perfectly, shown by a regular inflow of applications.
So SPIKE unfortunately had to decline several applications per week during the previous months.

After some discussion within the clan, we came to the conclusion that we can't let these people down.
SPIKE has hit a sweet spot and I'd like to help with offering this way of playing to the biggest number of people possible!


Ant thus I proudly announce the creation of our new sister clan:
  Radio Signals [RADIO] - The mature, drama-free platooning clan


This clan will strive to offer the same silent/freestyle experience, for above-average players seeking to play platoons exclusively. (No stronghold/skirmishes!)

Good luck to war4peace, who will manage the new clan in complete independence!


Signal Spike and Radio Signals will cooperate via a common in-game platoon chat channel.
Contrary to RADIO, SPIKE will increase its focus on regular stronghold skirmishes.




Hexen #2 Posted 29 March 2015 - 06:44 AM


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Nice one Scrontch,  Happy 1st Birthday Spike and Good Luck for RADIO the sister clan. :)

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