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[CC-] College Clan is Recruiting


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ZahidHossain #1 Posted 05 April 2015 - 02:12 PM


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College Clan [CC-] is Recruiting


About us:  



The College Clan Project
There's a wonderful place who called The College Clan. And it's only a dream away. And the moment you get to The College Clan. You'll forget about today. You'll be walking on clouds, You'll forget every care, And your troubles, like bubbles, will vanish in air. Ask me how do you get to The College Clan. Close you eyes, make a wish and you're there.
More About Us:  HERE
Our Forum:  collegeclan.de/forum
Our Teamspeak server: ts3.collegeclan.de (I am CC' _Tino_ on TS)
Our WoT Clan: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500062624/



We are Looking for New Members that join us.

Everyone can join, doesn't matter if you are from other country!


What we can offer You?


We have a Teamspeak server

We have a Forum

We have a Website


How To Join?
1- Register on our Forum with your ingame name
2- Wait until your account got activated.
3- Go to the "Application for a Membership" Section and Apply
Be Active on our Teamspeak server and we will accept you in our clan.
Application Template:

Your name : 

In game name :

Age :

Location :

Do you have TeamSpeak : (YES NO)

Do you have a working headset : (YES / NO)

For why you are applying :

For which games are you applying for :

Gaming experience :

Previous clan/s :

Who has referred you to join with us :

Do you agree with our rules : (YES / NO)

Do you agree to do clan battles/trainings with us : (YES / NO)

Have you broken any of our rules : (YES / NO)

What can you do for the clan : 

What’s your Skill-level :

How much do you know about in game commands (if any) :

Do you agree that if after 2 weeks of inactivity you will be kicked out of College Clan : (YES / NO

Any questions you would like to ask us?

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