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high school project wot style

school project world war 2 documentation demo game tank model world war scene history 3d game object

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Kil_em #1 Posted 17 April 2015 - 04:30 PM


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hello people.

the 1st part of the project consists in a hardware bracelet which provides orientation and movement in space of the user and some other inputs and communicate through bluetooth with a pc.

the 2nd part consists in making a game to simulate some ww2 scene.i dont have much time to dedicate to this project so any help will be appreciated.

the game will be created in unity3d and will have just 2 scenes: a intro movie and a battle like normal battles in WOT,just instead of people will be AI and one tank controlled by me.


i didnt started yet to build the game so i want from you guys the starting point.if any1 can help with providing me documentation about some scene from ww2 with the list of tanks used, some pictures with the scene,maybe a video so i can use it as intro into the game (i want field battles like prokhorovka cuz are  easy to do and not to many objects).

i apreciate any help that make me do this faster.historycal documentation with photos or videos but even dev help like 3d models textures etc.

post any that you think would help.



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