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10 wins in a row? IMPOSSIBLE?

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Tjokanche #1 Posted 07 May 2015 - 01:44 AM


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how many times did you win 10 times (or close) in a row when playing alone?

me, NEVER!  i have 13k battles and i never won 10 times in a row. in a platoon i think i won ten i row once or maybe twice, but thats it.

but 10 defeats (or close) in a row i get every week. mostly because of pro players who have more that 10k battles and still cant drive and shoot!

i try hard to get a few % up (now its 3 wins 0.01%), and then all my efforts dont mean a thing because of the pros. usually i win a few then a defeat...

today and tonight i had a nice lose streak, and in every battle there were the pros. so twice in one day!

i dont use xvm because it slows my crappy comp down (10-15 fps, 20 fps im very happy- imcalimero)

and after the battle when i look at someones profile, my jaw drops.

wg is worried what do people write in chat, and wg dont give a f. about the bots and pro players.

yes its important to protect the kids as long as they bring money. ok its not the kids but you get the point.

i love this game, but every day im starting to dislike it more and more.

my blood pressure goes up even more when a pro player writes in public chat GG, and they won 15:5.

how can a 15:5 game be a good game? please someone tell me!

i dont expect everyone to know how to play some game, but this is a team game, its not counter strike where you give five headshots with five bullets.

and when you have pros in wot you cant play alone... im not the best player, but im not a pro! when i stated playing my first line was the obj 268, second was 121, third obj 140, and fourth was is4. it took me 5-6-7k battles to learn how to play. i think that i wasnt a pro even when i played my first line, i was a semi-pro :)

the best pro players are the people with complexes and their 2nd account, and they just look at their stats! and now the pro has unicum wn8, and he is a good player..

i just dont understand people with 10k or more battles, they do 500dmg per battle in a tier 10 tank, and they keep playing.

once i was playing a platoon with some people who speak my language, and i was thinking - why not play with them..

but the dude was doing about 500dmg in a T54 per battle, and when i looked his profile i was amazed.

what is the point? if i cant do something i dont do it!

i could write an essay on this... the defeats-wins and pro players... it almost became an assay :)


can we please as a wot community do something!?!?!?

can there be a new server, and untill you get to a certan point of lets say wn8, you cant get into the first two servers...

or i dont know what, but something has to be done!!!


roll out :)

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MolochZ #2 Posted 07 May 2015 - 01:58 AM

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I think the best day I ever had was ~35 games and 3 losses. Around 15 of them were in a platoon. I've done 10 in a row loads of times, although not for months.

Strange_Neighbour #3 Posted 07 May 2015 - 12:26 PM


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Rarely. My best streak is the probably in the ST1, that tank had ridiculous carry abilities.

Oberstf_Wilfried_Richter #4 Posted 07 May 2015 - 02:43 PM


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You hit the spot right on!


I hate the game more then i "like" it. Its so f..... easy to loose 10 times in a row........but win!!!!!! never!! I am  father......over 50 and like to play tank warfare........but wtf!  My family hates my temper, even the dog is beginning to hate me as i screem and shout loud, I have destroyed 2 computers because of pro-fuckin gamers and their small fuckin idiot tanks. And as you say they should be in a pro-server or something. And for some reason, my shots "bounce" or "you didnt even scratch the [edited]"........I have the top tank shooting with gold in desperation, shooting at broadside of smaller tanks "no damage"!!!!!!!!    I HATE IT. Why cant WOT seperate pro, medium and beginners from eatch other. I will never get better if im mixed up with pro all the time......and all the hard earned money ive spent on this game, IT SUCKS BIG TIME. Its like the WOT-constructors dont give a crapand just enjoy the money all gamers pay in desperation. WELL FU WOT constructors. And when there is a new map.....all other maps should be banned for 3 days or so, so you can get used to the new map with all your tanks. The new map "overlord" for example, i have played it 2 times in 10 days......with offcourse the wrong tanks......because you offcourse never knows when it comes! OH! I lost again and again........[edited]IT! I wonder how many has ended up in hospital because playing this game......must be many! i know im working on it fast if nothing is done soon.

Tjokanche #5 Posted 07 May 2015 - 04:02 PM


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View PostStrange_Neighbour, on 07 May 2015 - 12:26 PM, said:

Rarely. My best streak is the probably in the ST1, that tank had ridiculous carry abilities.


you cant carry if you have 10 pros and 5 players. expecially at low tier games.

i added the third option, so please give a example what to do if you dislike the first two.


i would like if lets say 50k people vote here. maybe wg will hear us :)

flyingspacepotato_2014 #6 Posted 12 May 2015 - 04:06 PM


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for me it's possible without platoons. Well, in tanks like cromwell, is7, e25, is3, and even the on test server in the amx 50b. how?- bit of luck, knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. On good days i can get like 4k wn8, (this acc is 2400 but this is my forum account and ingame I only use it for trolls with friends)

but to clarify, I'm not a pro, I'm pretty good at random games, but not in 7vs7, and game modes like that. All i sugest u to do i just to simply try harder and learn harder and to apply your knowledge, and if u don't like that, just stop playing this game than if that doesn't work for you.

SfxHawk #7 Posted 12 May 2015 - 11:34 PM


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4-5 times alone and few more in platoon with one friend. It shouldn't be a problem if you play when you are top form and use tank you like the most.

_JohnWayne_ #8 Posted 14 May 2015 - 11:20 AM


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sometimes the game just decides that you have to lose...like you fire with your t-150 a gold round in the as of an elc-amx and it bounces....and shot number 2 goes a mile over the enemy from 2 meters distance....


once a wt e100 shot straight in the side of my leopard1 and bounced...wtf ?! sometimes i have the feeling the game decides for you who has luck and who is the rape meat.


what could imrpove the game....

change mm for heavis to max 1 tier higher ( it is a fcking heavy, no scout ,no med support, it is the main battle tank so he shuld set the tier class )


Hedgehog1963 #9 Posted 14 May 2015 - 04:59 PM

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I won 10 in a row last Saturday afternoon. Two Tier IX and one Tier X battle included.  First time in 31k batlles.

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