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My overall view of the game

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Static_Gale #1 Posted 22 May 2015 - 09:47 PM


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OK, after playing this game since fall of October, my views on this game aren't 100% happy.


What can I start with? Well I must say, the matchmaking system for me is a bit of - big in this case - a derp when it comes to filtering people into battles. I do respect the effort gone into the making of the matchmaking system in order to keep it somewhat balanced, but it still doesn't filter people into games based on the player's overall skill and service record and the like, I honestly believe the matchmaking system should be altered a little so it doesn't throw absolute total noobs into a game where they are fighting against players' who probably have well over 30K games played, and any colour from green to purple on XVM, in turn resulting in occasional insults in open chat on the same lines of "omg u noob look at ur nooby stats". I can't stress this enough, but the game is full of scumbags who immediately go out of their way to troll players who aren't the best openly in chat because they've not been having a lot of good games themselves.


Speaking of which, I simply have been unable to enjoy the game lately, because I am constantly getting battered by judgemental hammers of "expert" players who clearly have XVM installed, all because of how "nooby" I appear to them in the game, in this case I currently appear as a pink according to a couple friends of mine who have XVM, but there is always that one scumbag who is usually in top tier going "omg u noob u suk lol", and as far as I'm concerned, I cannot do a damn thing about it! I get thrown into games - 6 to maybe 12 times in a row - where I get absolutely roflstomped like I'm nothing, where I'm trying my best to improve my "stats" but as already mentioned I can't do much about it. Whining little [edited]XVM users, trolls and scumbags in general are one of a couple reasons why I can't easily enjoy this game.


Secondly, the RNG. Honestly, I can't believe some of the moments I've been having in the game due to the RNG, some of my blind shots hit and when I'm in my KV 2 I am probably gonna get a blind shot kill some day, but when RNG trolls you, it trolls you without mercy and forces you on your knees and forces you to bow down to it. I have been having moments when I am only between 20 or 70 metres away from my target, with no point in aiming at that close range, firing and completely missing, and I get surrounded and roflstomped as mentioned before. The RNG system, like the matchmaking system, is a huge derp on occaisions, but when it's actually in favour of you it's fun and kinda nice I suppose.


I can't really find any other faults with the game, other than the occasional lag even though my connection is usually OK,  so the game is fun, but when it's not in favour of you, you're better off driving straight into the water. Fun game, but frustrating at the same time. 

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