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[BURR_] IS recruiting (updated)

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Duncan2866 #1 Posted 27 May 2015 - 12:41 AM


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What is BURR?


BURR is a social clan formed around the idea of doing platoons and WGL style team battles.


We have our own privately hosted TeamSpeak server that has been catered to player requests. We do not currently have a website but we will post Msgs in game and out if needed


We are currently at the time of this post at 20 members 48 days and are already better than most of other clans that started at the same time as us

What are the requirements to join our clan?


- Have a tier 8 (VIII) tank or above


- Be of a decent ability level (48%+ win rate)


- Have a Wn8 of 800+


- Be 13 years or older


- Be able to use TeamSpeak (see below)


- Have a basic understanding of English


- Have a BURR clan Forum Account (link given when you join the clan)

If you have any questions about joining BURR or want some more information please contact me or one of our Deputy Commanders and or commader: JamesDun, Sukpee


In-game rules for BURR


- Respect all clan members                   


- Don’t spam the in-game chat                   


- Try to take part in Platoons, Team Training and Team Battles                   


- Don’t troll or spam anyone                   


- But most importantly: have fun


BURR YouTube channel


BURR now offers you the chance to submit your own replays, via Our Forums , which will then be used for our Montage videos. However this is quite a way off now but you can still see the old montages on our YouTube channel and we will definitely be doing this again as I found them fun to make. You can find our YouTube channel here (https://www.youtube..../BURRClanVideos).


TeamSpeak and Skype


Our clan uses Both TeamSpeak and skype to communicate


Skype is used to written communication as TeamSpeak is very bad for it. Clan members will have to give Me (jamesdun) or the other deputies and or commander (Sukpee, ) their Skype name to join the skype group.  TeamSpeak on the other hand is used for verbal communication and we use that for commanding Team Battles, Team trainings and platoons as it is easy to get the command to the player faster.


Rules for Teamspeak and Skype


- Don’t spam any of the chats                   


- Show respect to everyone in the clan                   


- Don’t make out-of-game threats                   


- Try to use the relevant TeamSpeak channel                   


- Use your in-game nickname or your real name on teamspeak


Why we are Recruiting New players

  We are recruiting new members to expand our friendly community and have fun in team battles, Skirmishes and platoons we are also looking into Clan wars map 2 when it get released  so we will need active players with T6s and tier 8s and  know that Clan wars is not Compulsory.

Thank you for reading this I hope you consider joining BURR_

Duncan2866 #2 Posted 27 May 2015 - 12:42 AM


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