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Who gets the spotting?

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PoIestar #1 Posted 28 May 2015 - 10:05 PM


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I was in this situation, and wondered this. Read carefully.

Player A, which we will call Andy, drives his M41 Scout tank on Malinovka. He's found himself a bush in which he can use his camo and passive scouting equipment, to spot for his allies.

Player B, which we will call Brian, drives his stronk IS-3 fresh made HD heavy Russian tank through the Malinovka field. Brian is on the enemy team of Andy, so Andy will get a lot of spotting points for spotting Brian.

Player C, which we will call Cody, on Andy's team, has also found himself a passive bush in which he has parked his ISU-152. He can use his camo to camp. Cody hasn't got the View Range to spot Brian. So he's using Andy as scout. Now he can hit Brian without being seen. "Haha," thinks Cody. "Let's let him feel some of dat BL-10 in his face!"

But because Brian's side armor is extremely troll, Cody does nothing apart from blowing his tracks off.

Player D, which we will call Devon, is casually driving his Tiger II at the field in Malinovka. Devon doesn't like this game, because he's a top tier heavy and has done nothing. 

Then, his attention turns to the tasty IS-3, so he turns his gun, and ammoracks the IS-3 on full HP. Devon is happy, because now he has done 1500 damage in 1 shot. How efficient!

Now obviously, somebody now has 1500 spotting/assistance points for the IS-3. But who is it, Andy or Cody?


A. Andy. Andy did the initial spotting, and he made sure he had the eyes the team needed to see Brian.

B. Cody. Cody tracked Brian and tracking means assistance damage.


Who will now get the spotting?



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