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M18 Hellcat rebalancing idea

m18 hellcat nerf buff balance

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Brav_LOWE #21 Posted 28 July 2015 - 02:14 PM


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It recently got a meaty buff to camo values:

From 11 (stationary) to 21 (stationary). Better than Jackson (17). 

And don't moan and whine that Hellcat is bad. It's your fault that you play it badly. And no, ST Emil isn't in the same category. You're not supposed to have punchy gun on something ridiculously fast. Plus, IRL, this is why USA made Jackson: because Hunnicut was a failure. This is why Hellcat feels somewhat UP, but it really isn't. Before the camo buff, it kind of was. Now it feels so good, that I could pull off my second mastery badge in it (yeah, a shame for me :(

Drive it like a mobile sniper. Never try to flank/be aggressive, otherwise you'll end up eaten by HE or arty. Whenever a flank falls, move to the other, stronger one. Don't be afraid, wait for them. When you get these juicy tier 8 heavy sides it's like Christmas (excepting KV4 and IS3 cuz of stronku stalinium armour made by rashan vodka fairies). Remember one thing: Hellcat isn't a frontline tank. Abuse it's camo and accuracy and BOOM! you get a very strong tier 6 TD. [edited]the reload. You have a gold pen that makes IS3s cry ;)

Remember these hints and:

When Hellkitty is mad, don't mess up with it. It scratches and bites quite nasty, if she's smart :hiding: 

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Rosetta_and_Philae #22 Posted 29 July 2015 - 07:25 PM


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Nerfing the view range would do wonders, after all its a TD not a light tank.

Jimbodiah #23 Posted 29 July 2015 - 07:37 PM


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It's a tank destroyer people, not a Light tank scout. Leave it as is, nothing wrong with it. Without the 90mm it's just another crap TD that doesn't DT more than any other tank but is just less mobile.

What you want to do is make every class of tanks the same as that of any other nation, we will end up with a single tank for every class evnetually and they will all be the same tank. Let's nerf the ELC too as it has a powerfull gun but nothing else over other lights (not even a turret like the leopard/luchs). How about the RU251 that has the same gun as TDs, let's nerf that tank too. The PzSfl IVc has the tier 8 canon and is very mobile, nerf it. Nashorn has the tier 8 gun, nerf it. Stug G has a fast traverse, nerf it. AMX12 has an autoloader, nerf it.

What is up with all the re-ballancing with you guys?

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