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Victrix Mortalis is recruiting!

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Arkay93 #1 Posted 07 June 2015 - 05:37 PM


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Hi we are Victrix Mortalis ( Conquerors of Death) and we are currently looking for some new blood to fill our ranks. Our solid purpose is to create a friendly enviroment through our own TS server and compete in ranked sessions (Ranked TB,Clan wars). Anyone that speaks and understands the English Language is welcome to apply to us although some criteria must be taken into consideration so we can keep the skill gap between us as close as possible. These criteria are the following:



  • More or less 1000 WN8
  • x2 tier 10 tanks preferably (IS7, IS4, T1105, T57, AMX 50 B, BC 25 t,Object 140,T62A,JagdPanzer E100, T110E4/E3 any tier 10 arties) exclusions can be made though.
  • Lastly, be online on our TS server it is mandatory and those that dont come along with this rule will be kicked.



If you are interesting either apply here or add one of these names:


Thanks for reading and have fun on your games..

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