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Brain-diarrhea on clan chat

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ChromeHead #1 Posted 12 June 2015 - 03:16 PM


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Started as a regular morning...

Funguspower (10:07:31) morning

antika890 (10:28:23) morning guys

Funguspower (10:30:25) huehueh

ChromeHead (10:36:59) The Fungus???? What the...

ChromeHead (10:37:50) Unfair plane!

antika890 (10:38:43) hes not templey

ChromeHead (10:39:07) he kemp bush!

Funguspower (10:42:44) I KEMP

Funguspower (10:42:48) STRONK TEKTIKS

ChromeHead (10:43:05) STET PEDDER!

Funguspower (10:43:17) U R NUB LOOK AT UR STETS

ChromeHead (10:43:43) U KEMP BASE! NO HALP TEM!


ChromeHead (10:44:08) I CRI EVRITIEM!!

Funguspower (10:44:12) E100 STRONK SNAIPER NUB

ChromeHead (10:45:15) U NO HELP ARTI, HIDE BEHID

ChromeHead (10:45:49) VIJLET STET PEDDER

Funguspower (10:46:27) STFU I REPROT U

Funguspower (10:46:37) REPROTED FAGGIT

antika890 (10:46:41) u hid behajnd art

Funguspower (10:46:53) STFU U NO NOTHING jon snow..

Funguspower (10:47:27) anyways xD

Funguspower (10:47:30) o2w :D

ChromeHead (10:48:58) :P

Baidur (10:56:21) good morning... or in the style I see in chat right now: KOOD MEUNING MODDERVUKRS

antika890 (10:58:37) god mrnig mngols

Funguspower (10:58:58) gud dey shtheds

Funguspower (10:59:29) omfg we've all turned into Spoodermen

antika890 (10:59:52) i LÖWE this clan!

Funguspower (10:59:57) hahahahaha

Funguspower (11:00:10) I object 416 that

Funguspower (11:00:34) I object 430 too that

Funguspower (11:00:39) thats better xD

jangalang (11:00:40) shut up fungus go and walk her bulldog

Funguspower (11:00:59) Nah there's too many Tigers in my neighbourhood

jangalang (11:02:02) HA-GO stop being afraid

jangalang (11:02:30) but if you're really that afrai ui suppose you could STA-2

Funguspower (11:03:13) IS 3 times stronker than u

Funguspower (11:04:01) you're just a bad-chat whore

Funguspower (11:06:06) Foch you!

antika890 (11:07:16) go to hellcat

jangalang (11:07:44) the very t28 concept of that is ridiculous

Funguspower (11:07:45) Lorreign in the jokes.

jangalang (11:08:06) are you sherman?

Funguspower (11:08:25) Nah Im just easy, eight.

Funguspower (11:08:37) Im the fkn bishop of this shiz

Funguspower (11:08:45) The black prince of your clan

jangalang (11:08:46) from here you look a bit jumbo sized

jangalang (11:08:59) time to lay off the t67 and cakes

Funguspower (11:09:10) Its all due to valentines chocolates

Funguspower (11:09:19) dont make fun of my W(n)8

jangalang (11:09:45) Chi-Hahahahahahahahaha

Funguspower (11:09:57) All you do is Te-ke

jangalang (11:10:15) are you chi-ri ous

jangalang (11:10:40) don't make me pull out a knife and STB-1 you

Funguspower (11:11:10) whahahahahaha

jangalang (11:11:12) i dont like resorting to that Type-58 of persuasion

jangalang (11:11:23) IS-2 kind to be like that

Funguspower (11:11:32) [edited]mate I dont caravan

jangalang (11:11:51) dont B1 of those people

Funguspower (11:11:52) I Grant you your last request before I sexton you up the rear

jangalang (11:12:07) FT thats BS

jangalang (11:12:36) [edited]it im gunna go listen to my amx CDc

Funguspower (11:12:48) Let me listen to it KV-2

Funguspower (11:12:59) A-20 year old CDc perhaps?

jangalang (11:13:21) mmmmM40/43 years old i believe

Funguspower (11:13:37) Wow not even 50/53

Funguspower (11:13:56) Hummels don't even grow THAT old

jangalang (11:14:02) Maybe its m41 i dont know, its called HMC though

Funguspower (11:14:19) Hate that band

Funguspower (11:14:27) I prefer the '88 Panthers

jangalang (11:14:42) No thats the album name the band is the crusaders

Funguspower (11:15:04) Man I'm StuG on the next pun

jangalang (11:15:06) they are really challeng(er)ing the charts at the moment

Funguspower (11:15:31) Whats their singers' name? Stuart?

Funguspower (11:15:33) Ferdinand?

jangalang (11:15:40) they are cruis(er 1) ing through

jangalang (11:15:58) the cd only cost me UC 2 pdrs

jangalang (11:16:17) i had to get a loan Grant(ed) by the bank to get it though

Funguspower (11:16:17) So you bought it on the (fire)fly then?

Baidur (11:16:48) Off to the Priest... need to confess I Mardered the Bison in the local zoo. ) And fed my pet Leopard with it.

Funguspower (11:16:49) I Alecto'd to no buy it

Funguspower (11:17:01) not*

jangalang (11:17:10) I conquerored my doubts and bought it ayway

Funguspower (11:17:14) fml I forgot to feed the [edited]tortoise

jangalang (11:17:17) why didn UE57 buy it?

Funguspower (11:17:24) better buy some fireflies

jangalang (11:17:36) Feed it some Birch gun leaves

Funguspower (11:17:52) Im allergic to those. It's my Achilles' heel

Funguspower (11:18:07) the british tech tree is comedy goldshells xD

antika890 (11:18:20) cant believe u guys :D :D

jangalang (11:18:24) i love to T25 ATe them

jangalang (11:18:47) ive eaten so many im beggining to get T1 heavy

Funguspower (11:18:54) I normally feed them Chi-to's

jangalang (11:18:58) iM103 pounds right now

Funguspower (11:19:18) bet y ou dont look like the Wolverine

jangalang (11:19:27) now my t32 (teeth hurty too)

Funguspower (11:19:48) Well yeah

Funguspower (11:19:59) It's not M2 light enough for proper dentures

Funguspower (11:20:06) btw Im gonna get a cup of chaffee

jangalang (11:20:12) from all of the SU(-8)gar ive been eating probably

jangalang (11:20:41) do you take one SU(-5)gar or BT-2?

Funguspower (11:20:47) Perhaps even the pastry? You probably got your pat on

Baidur (11:20:58) Any tea lovers. I prefer T2

Funguspower (11:21:00) I take M2 SU-gars

jangalang (11:21:19) MT-2(5) aswell

Funguspower (11:21:25) I drink T49 times a day

jangalang (11:21:37) i drink T-67 times a day

jangalang (11:21:58) sometimes im an object of 263 teas a day

Funguspower (11:22:01) It makes me M3 Leek

Funguspower (11:22:06) leak

Baidur (11:22:07) My wife brews the T2 light

Funguspower (11:22:24) A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS (hahah)

jangalang (11:22:34) already used challenger mate

Funguspower (11:22:37) He also is the conquerer of puns

Funguspower (11:22:38) I know

Funguspower (11:22:44) we used loads twice xD

jangalang (11:22:48) XD

jangalang (11:22:58) my faveroute was teeth hurty too

Funguspower (11:22:59) But I grant us this leaniency

Funguspower (11:23:04) hahahaha

Funguspower (11:23:19) tbh the entire conversation is full of win xD

jangalang (11:23:19) this has been going on for 25 mins hahahah

Funguspower (11:23:33) whahaha

Funguspower (11:23:54) An endless series of absurd puns

Funguspower (11:24:10) I liked the UC 2 pdr actually xD

jangalang (11:24:10) i just feel sorry for anyone who read them

jangalang (11:24:16) hehe

Funguspower (11:24:29) we forgot the comet ffs

Funguspower (11:24:33) so much possibilities

ChromeHead (11:24:34) Nah, I LOWE'd it

Funguspower (11:24:41) OH GOD DONT START AGAIN

jangalang (11:24:46) stug on the next pun was also pretty good

Funguspower (11:24:51) :D

Funguspower (11:25:06) Im fairly proud of myself for being able to do puns tbh xD

ChromeHead (11:25:10) Yeah, it would be way too Luchs-urious

jangalang (11:25:11) hehe

Funguspower (11:25:19) not being a native speaker n all

Funguspower (11:25:23) hahahah

jangalang (11:25:30) this is all antikas fault

Funguspower (11:25:38) Tsk tsk

antika890 (11:25:46) yeah blame the little one

ChromeHead (11:25:51) he's such a DICKER MAX

jangalang (11:25:51) you started it

jangalang (11:26:12) Ke-Hohohohohohoho

Funguspower (11:26:22) Chi-hehehehehehehe

Funguspower (11:26:48) [edited]I M2 tired for this. Chaffee time

Funguspower (11:27:05) afk xD

ChromeHead (11:27:07) Yeah, you're that Type

Funguspower (11:27:29) no really afk

Funguspower (11:27:33) save this crapxD

ChromeHead (11:27:44) Will do!


Hope it was long enough to read.

gpalsson #2 Posted 12 June 2015 - 03:31 PM


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At first it was hilarious, then it became a bit long 88

Delinquent_Habits #3 Posted 12 June 2015 - 03:31 PM

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Comet me bro

How_hard_can_it_be #4 Posted 12 June 2015 - 05:14 PM


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View PostDelinquent_Habits, on 12 June 2015 - 03:31 PM, said:

Comet me bro


​what?! Don't make me fury ous

Pansenmann #5 Posted 12 June 2015 - 06:53 PM

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*edit: I do like that clan tag. :)

Edited by Pansenmann, 12 June 2015 - 06:54 PM.

_underscored_ #6 Posted 12 June 2015 - 07:37 PM

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Luchs like you should spend more time actually playing the game.



Strange_Neighbour #7 Posted 12 June 2015 - 07:58 PM


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WTF is going on here?



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