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World of Tanks: Rush, card desk game

rush; card game

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marosko87 #1 Posted 16 June 2015 - 11:30 AM


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Dear allmighty admins,

for two weeks I argue with my friends about card desk game WoT: Rush and I desparately need your help, it concerns tank ability "ace tanker" and its use.

lets say my hand is:

1. T30 American heavy with "heroic act" (i assume so, I do not have this game in english) (att2/def2)

2. i.e. german medium PZKPFW II/IV (att1/def2) with no ability

3. M26 Pershing; American medium (att1/def2) with ability "ace tanker"

my opponent has on his defense any medium tank (att1/def2).

is it possible to obtain double medal as follows:?

1. use T30 ability "heroic act" - usage of ability, goes to def my own base;

2. cause damage with German medium by straightforward attack

3. finish the defender´s medium by using M26 Pershing ability "ace tanker" - used ability, goes to def my own base.


wouala, and it is double medal, or is it not?

please, allmighty admins, decide :) 

thank you very much


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