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How to play tiers 7-9 inclusive like everyone else

Guide fake

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WOTomatoSauce #1 Posted 22 June 2015 - 12:44 PM


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I will tell you how to not stand out in a crowd just like everyone else.


Step 1: lemming train. Blindly follow the rest of your team, do not go with your three man platoon to hold a flank or along side the train, just blindly follow.


Step 2: Meet a bottom tier scout and stop. Just sit there and have a cup of tea, great time for a tea break. You also get bonus points for yelling at people who try to push, if someone kills the scout, shoot them for stealing your kill, it isn't team killing if you yell at them in chat first.


Step 3: notice the two or three bottom preventing your flag being capped, and continue you follow the lemming train. Only go back if the lemming train has almost capped the red base, and stick together. 


Step 4: Report bottom tier tanks for being noobs and any artillery that has survived this long. Rant in the chat to get others to report them as well.

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