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Compliments to Wargaming

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Stalkar #1 Posted 28 June 2015 - 01:57 PM


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The other tank game, which name shall not be spoken of, managed allready to make me deinstall their game! Congrats! You stay with me! But I hope, that you will implement some stuff from the other game into yours, like arty mechanics?


How did they made me deinstall? I got molested in game, but they managed to ban me for it, than I opened a forum thread, asking for reason and solution, but my thread was deleted and I got banned there as well, than I wrote directly to a mod, but still no answer...




Games are playing me now for 15 years and I never got banned anywhere... Swinging banhammers like headless chickens will make lots of customers just disappear...


I am not saying Wargaming is great, they do it in a different way, they let others taking a dump on you with artys...



But lets be serious, I should have know it better, other game companys are just companys aswell and they do what they want exactlly the same way, but I have never

had such situation before, that was as far away from customer service as it possibly could be...


So here we are again^^




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