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Model kit discussion!

model kit

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Markieh #1 Posted 05 July 2015 - 08:04 PM


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What is this?

this is a bar to discuss and ask questions about model kits! (or just post your finished model kit because you are very proud! :P)



-Keep it friendly, keep it clean; don't post any porn, threats of violence, harassment or hateful speech; we're all brothers and sisters on the forums, let's act that way. 
-Don't go making any racist, sexist etc. comments; basically the rule above but just a bit more emphasised. Please, just try and have the least bit of respect for one and other.
-Try not to have discussions regarding someone's political view, religion and whatnot; there are other places you can have those sorts of chats.
-Please don't spam; double/triple posts at the most. If you post something and then want to respond to another comment; just edit your post.
-No advertising. If you have a YouTube Channel, Twitch stream or anything like that; take it to the forums made for that stuff. That said, if someone asks about your YouTube or anything, you are completely allowed to link them to a thread about it in the aforementioned forums.
-Don't bash on anyone's fandoms or anything like that (y'know, bronies, furries etc.); if you don't like what someone else likes, take it somewhere else.
-Do not post huge images or gifs; there is a resizing ability when you post an image, use it. Huge images or gifs tend to be very annoying and take up a large chunk of the page.
-No swearing; that's... kinda obvious.
-Speak English! I'm sorry if that sounds insulting in anyway but there are separate forums for speaking in your native language!


yes i copied this from the forum bar xD


So i'll just start off! this is my Italeri World of Tanks Roll out! Type 59! http://imgur.com/gallery/uSPYH 

And yes.. it is for sale! if someone wants it, but doesn't want to assemble it! :P


Looking forward to your reactions/question or modelkits!


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