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Need some one who is good with videos editing etc

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MAN_GER_MAN #1 Posted 06 July 2015 - 05:01 PM


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have few wot replays and would like to make a youtube video with some special effects perhaps songs etc if you think u are the guy pm me and we can talk i will give u these replays and as a sign of appreciation i would pay some gold for you D   


Thanks for your time Gents 

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_Warris_ #2 Posted 11 July 2015 - 10:14 PM

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Its not that difficult to edit, in fact you can even do it in windows movie maker. ;) 

Just get yourself recording software like Fraps ("paid") and record the bits you want. Dump them in movie maker and throw some music over it, change the sound volume of the gameplay a tad and use some transitions. Tadaa! :)

Vuurdraak_ #3 Posted 28 August 2015 - 08:35 PM

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If you want a legal video editor for free, go take a look at http://www.openshotvideo.com/

It's a free Linux video-editor, on their website you can download a DVD iso, that will allow you to simply start/boot your computer to a Linux with Openshot on it, without the need to install Linux on your hardisk. Just burn the DVD and boot your PC from it, edit your video, and boot back to Windows. (If you have no Linux)


When I made WoT replays I always let the replay run at 1/4 speed with the recording prog running at 7.5 fps, with vsync on,  this will do two things, you can set the game to maximum graphics settings without your GPU/CPU breaking a sweat (as it will be good enough if the game stays on 7.5 fps), it will reduce the image stuttering significantly, stuttering which you even see in "professional" WG vids.

Simply speed up the video when you re-render it for Youtube (preferably from a raw uncompressed recording, to preserve the red colour best), and re ad the sound by recording the sound at full speed separately.

I used the countdown timer to make sound and video in sync, by alpha blending the sound video & high resolution video and making sure the timers showed the same numbers at the same time, when in sync simply remove the alpha blending, to show the high res vid when doing the rendering. You can do this even if you do not have a super fast CPU, because you only need to record at 7.5 fps.




One of my games in my WoT noob years :D, I was experimenting with rendering the replays, and I think this was the last and best rendered one, which preserved the red colours the best, red text is actual readable :)

It was rendered in 1280x720 as my screen is only 1280x1024, if you render in 1080p format you will get a sharper picture.


Edit: I changed my name from Aeziz to Vuurdraak_ ;)

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evilchaosmonkey #4 Posted 11 September 2015 - 07:45 AM


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I will add, the best free video editor is Lightworks.  With this you can easily edit your own videos.

Now lightworks professional is used to make Holywood films (e.g. Pulp fiiction).  The only difference between the free and professional version being that you can't render in very high-res formats.  Everything else pretty much is the same.


You may think that, being a Holywood class film editor it would be hard - well you couldn't be further from the truth.  It's a piece of cake to learn.  Took me maybe 2 hours to get the basics right.


Get it here.https://www.lwks.com/


For cool intros / exits to your video use the 30 day free trial version of Abode After Effects (noting that every time they update it, their trial starts again) - so I've been using officially free for some time now.

You will need to obtain some template files to use - try "motion array".  You will need to pay a very small fee to get a few downloads, but then they are professional class.


You are also going to need video capture software to record the replays.  

Actiion! by Mirmillis whilst not free is the only one I've come across that reliably doesn't cause video stutter in the capture and will do your replays justice (no need to run your videos at a deliberate slow speed).


If you get any conversion issues, once you've captured your video file pass it through "Eyeframe" free software.  What happens is that some videos don't contain the correct and smooth number of fps that they are supposed to (can't remember why), so when you edit them they play too fast or too slow.  Eyeframe ensures that everything is corrected before you start to edit.  It's a simple case of load the file in and hit the button to correct it.


For "slowmo" video effects - where your normal speed video slows down, then speeds up again (as you see on youtube gopro captures) use http://slowmovideo.granjow.net/  it's a fully working free version of what is a very expensive plugin.


My strong advice is to skip Windows movie editor completely and use the above - for the inconvenience of maybe 10 mins of downloadiing and 2 or 3 hours of learning you get a very polished and professional video.

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