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Recent 1900+ looking for social clan (EN/SWE)

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LemmingtonSteele #1 Posted 07 July 2015 - 09:43 PM


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I am looking for a clan where I can play events when I want to, where I dont have to participate twice a week or more on a regular basis, because I can't do that because of my life outside this world of tanks.

If there is CW or Stronghold going on when I'm online I will gladly participate. But I'm at the moment active at different times all the time. 

What I want from the clan:

  • Decent (and nice) players to platoon with. 
  • English or swedish speaking clan. 
  • TeamSpeak!


I am a player that rely on mobility. My favorite tanks are Type 64, Panther II and FCM 50T. 

So far I have 3 tier X tanks, of which none is a regular CW tank: STB-1, FV4202 and Leopard 1. 
I love them all and average dmg is about 2200/game in all of them. 

Shortly I will also have the E100 and AMX 50B. 





Please contact me in game for quicker response. I'd also like platoons before I decide whether or not I'll join.


Best regards

Lemmington Steele

Vahakn #2 Posted 07 July 2015 - 10:27 PM

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PM sent  ;)

Iceman9495 #3 Posted 09 July 2015 - 07:28 PM


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We welcome you
DKVD is a cozy clan that takes into account that you have a private life next. In DKVD we attach great importance to creating a good community and social environment, we expect that you will be a part of our teamspeak3 as we use this and talk together socially and socialize during our stronghold and ordinary platoon We take players into great and small. (Everyone gets a rating label on ts.)
We denounce bullying / gross lap tone.
We run Stronghold / Skrimish, and we are about and prepare for and get to and run Clan Wars (CW) why are all welcome in the clan. Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook...31984883482127/

We expect from you:
You have a decent talk way (all the way)
You want a social network, fun and lots of fun and games.
TeamSpeak3. Server address: ts03.cshosting.dk (Everyone gets Privates brand ts.)

LemmingtonSteele #4 Posted 09 July 2015 - 08:45 PM


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I've got a clan. Thanks for all interest guys!

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