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WOW forum doesnt work


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Genie_of_the_Lamp #1 Posted 16 July 2015 - 07:56 AM


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Well tryin the game lots of time lately


I have many isseus by now so I visited the WOW forum and guess what?


Even when logged in I cant write or make subjects.


Only closed beta users can so WTH. Why there is a forum.


In a pinned post Admin asks everyone to report bugs; but how can we report bugs on that forum if the forum is closed.

We have now open Beta but a closed beta forum...odd. Should be a small thing to open it for everyone,


Thats why I wanna put here my findings Plz admin put my topic there when im finished...




Losing control of my boat after i destroy another boat its like it freezes for a few secs. also when there is an ingame announcement sometimes.

Can be dangerous. The boat doesnt react on my heading commands. Just like heavy lagg in WOT.


You may introcuse more various weather and day and night. Just see how they do it in de sub game Silent Hunter 3

Is it possible for subs to see birth in the game? When weather is rough, targets are more difficult to hit and the wind from stern will slow your vessel, from port you gain a speed bonus.


real vision of carriers doesnt work properly. No key button controls been shown in de general section of game configuration (game settings)

Same counts of how to point a section on the minimap


Plz make same bleuprint as in WOT in the matter of asking for help from other players; follow me; or draw back etc. Why inventing the wheel two times...


Plz make possible to have a kind of lock and unlock for the maingun movement; no matter were you look at. This has being done for the AA guns already...

My problem now is that especially the rear guns turn (sloooowly) all to the side you look. But when enemy appears at the other side (suddenly) this is a big disadvantage.


You have light cruisers; normal cruisers and heavy cruisers. Wasnt it possible to make them own classes?


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