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HD Skin

HD Skin skin texture tank tanks mod mods paint.net VK3601H

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DestroyerClass #1 Posted 18 July 2015 - 02:07 AM


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Hello Fellow tankers.


I think you would wonder about skinning an HD tank.

Found out how.

with this i made my own skin for a VK3601H

i am still a beginner with this, soo it doesnt look the best.

For now i made it with the big turret and the conish gun.


VK3601H screenshot skin.jpgAttached File  G15_VK3601H.rar   2.49MB


This is how it looks like.

I named the Tank Nirvash (on the back of the turret) for some reason.. dont ask..

Anyhow. if you like you can have it


If you maybe have an request feel free to ask.

For now i have some tanks i want to do first, soo it will be long waiting.

-M4 Sherman(HD)

-M4 Sherman ''Jumbo''(HD)

-Tiger P (maybe)(HD)

-Su-100Y (cuz i love boxtank.)(non HD)



-T-25 (premium tank) (non HD)

these are not in order.

when will i finish it, have no idea...


Well hope ya like the tank skin.

Feel free to ask me about the skinning.

(i dont know when i will answer, depends on when i am on my pc ^w^)


What skins will i do on these?


for now i just like anime skins. still figuring out how to place a character on it.

its a puzzle, sinds hull,gun,chassie,turret. are in their own .dds file.


Well enjoy, have a good fight guys!

Stay friendly for your teammates! :D

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