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Premium tank restoration

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Dadiles #1 Posted 18 July 2015 - 11:04 AM


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Hello dear WoT community!


As everyone knows it is possible to get your sold premium tank back, but just once! Many players got accidents when someone else on their profile sold a premium vehicle or other reasons...but I don't know what is the problem that Wargaming gives only once a premium vehicle back. They could even give us an half of the vehicle price in credits back...if someone knows if Wargaming is planning to update the restoration, please answer! Thank you!


Best regards, Dadiles

Sukpee #2 Posted 19 August 2015 - 04:38 AM

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WarGaming will never update this I'm pretty sure, as it gets annoying for them if the same player just repeatedly asks for a premium tank back after selling one.

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