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Is there any reasonable way to play the E4?


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Prudentis #1 Posted 20 July 2015 - 11:35 AM


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First of all: I actually like the tank. I don't know why, but somehow the whole package feels great ... At least until I join a fight and try to contribute.

Because on the other hand, it is one of the most frustrating tanks, I have ever played.

I am still grinding many inferior lines, so my stats are not the best (about 1800 WN8 recent) but in my already ground tanks i am over 2k, so I think I don't count as bad player.

But the E4 ... a whopping 45% WR after 400 battles!!! I just can't contribute to the team's chances to win in this. And this is while at over 70% MoE, 1700 WN8 and over 2,4k DPG ...

The gun is too inaccurate to snipe and even up close has a very nasty tendency to go haywire and bounce off of some part of a tank I was not aiming for. But the worst part is, noone actually seems to fear the E4 and rightly so, because it is penned way too easily.

I play it like a heavy and try to brawl with it, like many suggested, which leaves me with a somewhat decent WN8 but doesn't seem to have game carrying impact.


So basicly: should I just park the tank and wait for a buff or is there any other way to play that tank effectively?

Prudentis #2 Posted 24 July 2015 - 07:28 PM


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Well ... after 60 views and no answers and another dozen or so games ... I guess there isn't.

Last game my gun mantlet was penned by an IS 8 ... wow

In return, I missed him 2 times (fully aimed shots) from 100 m and bounced the third shot on his UFP ... ah well


Pls WG fix this tank. It is broken


And yes, of course I also have the occasional 5k damage game in it. But even seal clubbing is hard with this "monster"

Visionx_LV #3 Posted 25 July 2015 - 01:15 AM

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Well, I can't give you any real advice. I unlocked E4 few days ago, but I am absolutely sure I will not buy it, IMO its just not worth it and generally E4 more looks like downgrade from T30.  

All I can remember that I used to pen them in mantlet with my 110(gold ofc, but still). Tank just doesn't have the armor to work like e3 does, and gun doesn't support sniping aswell + you can't go hulldown like you could with T30. So I don't really understand the role of E4. 


I guess leaving the E4 alone is the best thing you can do, there are plenty of other options tho. 

  • You can get back the T30, sure it has its own problems aswell, but at least there are things it can do well.
  • You could go for E3, but that means playing T95. But E3 is really feared in battles IMO, or maybe thats only me who hates fighting with them
  • And there is always finest German tonk - E100, and if you are shooting Heats time to time, its gonna be better than E4 like in every way.


TheGraveRobbersDog #4 Posted 28 July 2015 - 04:36 PM


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I find the E4 a good tank tbh, as you have said play it like a heavy, do not go alone but in support of heavies on your team and time your shots on enemy tanks when they have just fired or committed to an attack, the reload is a bit long for solo work, also you can hull down but you must drive back and forth so as not to give a clean shot to tumor or cheeks, last tip is side scrape around corners as shots side on into the front track wheels cause ammo rack dmg mostly



lord_chipmonk #5 Posted 28 July 2015 - 05:29 PM

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I don't have one myself yet, but echoing what has already been said, most people who like it seem to play it like a heavy. Think of the gun as the 15cm from the E-100 but with high AP pen and it starts to look alright I guess. 

MadmetalFIN #6 Posted 23 February 2016 - 06:01 PM

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I have E4 and it's not good but can't say bad either but still feels it lack something there's nothing in that tank which make it must have this.

Looks like E4 lost much about it's potential when 850 alpha got nerfed to 750 even ROF got slight better.


If you compare it to other tier X tanks not just TDs 


E4 has even less HP than E5

much worse armor than E5 even turret is unreliable sometimes turret front bounces JPE100 shots and sometimes like IS3 pens it with AP

Reload and alpha is almost same as E100 except penetration is much better but most E100 uses Heat so kinda irrelevant

After you have fired most tanks can rush and hit you several times due long reaload and almost none exist side and rear armor cause that you usually have no chance to bounce any of those shots.


Over 16 sec reload for 750 alpha looks kinda weird anyway because E5 can shoot 2x in same time with 800dmg only difference is that E5 need to expose himself 2 times if not 1vs1 situation but same time like Obj. 140 can shoot 3 times and deal 960 damage.


I would like to see some kind of love and tender towards E4 what would it be dunno.



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