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Now testing for Drug in ESL players

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Gold_Firing_Noob #1 Posted 25 July 2015 - 08:51 PM


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After years of the electronic gaming enjoying a relatively clean image it has now come to light that some players are enhancing their natural skill with drugs to help improve neural path conductivity for improved reaction times as well as psychotropic drugs that help them to react in more controlled manner in stressed environments.


I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, but i am happy to say that judging by the average player that I meet in random battles... the use of such performance enhancing drugs is not widespread within Wot..... I think we could safely say that Wot players are free of performance enhancing drugs....



Kuscka #2 Posted 25 July 2015 - 08:54 PM

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Interesting finding, just can't imagine one taking a substance and still perform.  Oh dear, I will have a glass of red wine and the tank become a ship.

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