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WG's "logic" made me rage once again.

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guest273 #1 Posted 06 August 2015 - 12:09 AM


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Hello guys, so let me explain the situation and then rant real quickly:


Playing my 2nd account (Because we all have no friends and we all want a T95E2 tank). Played a bit of WoWP (mostly to get the 150 gold for my 2nd acc. by doing the tutorials), did my first 3 games in random battles there, got a day premium as a reward! Realized - I haven't X2'd my WoT account. So I went there - only have low tiers there so it's crucial to use the premium time as good as possible. 


Met the only fvcking one legendary - I run in to your machine gun qrick while playing my T1. That guy was so dedicated I actually got banned. He followed me around on Himmelsdorft about 5 min, staying alive himself and then when I shot he was running in my gun fire. Now the 2nd account is 'gusty273' and I do have or DID HAVE legendary stats on it. So that does make me think:


WG I understand that you need to make such tanks as Pz II J, SU-76I because your staff members play Lowe on 47% win rate and have a hard time winning more than 50% games even with these tanks, so you just need to make more and more and more imbalanced new premium tanks so your crappy developers would have minimum green stats. And you need the money to donate to some charity. *chokes* But please do realize that some of us are decent players. Not all of us struggle to push our win rate about 55%. So my suggestion:


Maybe hire a good player and ask him his opinion. I am sure 1 such player would say - high stat players tend to team-kill less... so maybe they should get banned at the end of battle not when some fcjgnha noob runs in to their shots/pushes them out??? As it is currently playing good is just an unrewarding burden, because:


1) Getting focused by XVM users (and arty) - because you are the superior enemy player.

2) Getting reported more because such stats as yours can only be made by cheating and hacks.

3) Team yoloing because XVM wants that 65% win chance becoming a 45% chance. Yes ofc if the chance is good go die in first minute and then write in the chat like stupid moron: why we lost? We only had 95% chance to win! Noob team, my 0 dmg contributed to win! WG members are you drunk most of the time? Maybe stop acting so and make some decent changes FFS:


1) Introduce tutorials for beginners???

2) Reward players who spend time playing your games and learning how to play them properly rather than punishing them.

3) Fix loop-holes. What I mean by that is this badge for example: (Sorry for Klingon language in picture)


You can't get a draw in the new TB mode anymore!!! 


No historical battles - edit by this I meant you can't get those specific badges as-well. No options to show/hide specific stats. (I don't want people to see I played tier 1,2 in the old TB 42 point formal for example) I wanna magicly remove my M3 Lights and T1E6'es CW stats. There are many people who play with only 1 nation or only 1 tank or have 0 games in randoms. They wanna keep it that way but by accident press battle with wrong tank. No way to fix it.

4) Start thinking about historical battle game mode again???

5) Stop discriminating EU with crappy specials.

 Many things you could do but will never do... you are just you... WG. But it's ok. It's fine. We all need something to laugh or cry about. I'm still not sure which one I should do...it's sad, not much to laugh about.

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_Bajkal #2 Posted 06 August 2015 - 12:38 AM


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Summarizing - based on stats player either is banned at the end of battle or in mid game if hes stats does not meet min. required to stay in game after too much team dmg. That would be quite unfair despite it's true that good players tend to TK much less than casual players.



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