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Scarletsboy #1 Posted 14 August 2015 - 11:41 AM

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I know we are not able to name and shame players but I want you all to be aware of a player who left my clan on 2015-08-09 @ 07:48, have a look on WOT-Life he the only player to leave us that day 


He is a thief and a player who can be trusted and not even a good player in team play or stats.

Link to main thread >>>http://forum.worldof...gold-from-orly/


So I just wanted to say that this guy may change his name but we know who you are and for you to be in a clan for 16 month and to do this !!!!!


How LOW !!!


He was in a trusted position to then steal a lot of gold for no reason is not only low but a coward thing to do.

I know, I can not think I know a guy for the last 14 months just because I speak to him on TS :facepalm:

So I know you don't want to watch / see our dirty washing but I want players from other clans to know what this player is like if you take him into your clan:B

But as we all know Wargaming wont do anything about it. So with this and word of mouth are the two ways to get this message out to the community


So to the thief I hope you read this post don't you worry we have our gold back in a couple of months at most.


You have burned your bridges and we hope you have a lonely time playing this game.




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