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The T-26

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Dassem_ #1 Posted 17 August 2015 - 08:34 AM


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I couldn't find any threads about this little tank, and I felt the need to say something about it and ask something about it, so here we are.


I'm a fairly new player in WOT (not new by date, but new by battles played). I just got the T-26, and I'm quite amazed at this little "vickers knock-off". I might mention at this point, I have spent a lot more time in android-based WOT Blitz, so I may have aquired a style of play there, that I carry with me into WOT.


What I've found so far, only 3 battles in, is that the T-26 seems to be a nice match for my preferred playstyle. It's moderatley fast and maneuvrable, but it's crowning glory has to be the ZIS gun! This gun has great penetration, quick reload, and seems to be surprisingly accurate. This adds up to it being extremely deadly at a distance. And for me, preferring to be a 2nd line shooter, this is just perfect! I let someone faster scout, or I let someone with some actual armour (the T-26 has virtually none) get a bit ahead of me to light up the targets, and I stay at a somewhat safer distance and deal great damage with great accuracy.


What the T-26 seems less suited for, is close-quarter combat. It doesn't seem to have the armour needed in an enviroment where occational hits may occur, and consequently the HP drains away too fast. (or instantly, as may be the case)


So... being still a noob at this tank, what will I learn as the matches stack up? Is my asessment right? Does this tank have any hidden strengths or weaknesses that I have still to discover?

StringWitch #2 Posted 30 August 2015 - 04:22 AM


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T-26 doesn't really have a place, I feel. It lacks the speed of the BT-2 or the armour of the T-60, both of which can also use the ZiS-19. All three tanks have the same base accuracy of 0.39 with this gun. The BT-2 has practically identical gun stats and crew layout, so it's quite literally the same thing but much more mobile (actually has the best HP/ton ratio in the game before terrain resistances, so far as I'm aware). The T-60 on the other hand suffers noticeably in gun performance, with worse stats plus no dedicated gunner (therefore no commander's bonus affecting gun performance), but the frontal armour is very effective against autocannons and machineguns. T-26 does have the best view range out of the three, but it's not a huge advantage like what many older premium tank destroyers have, so if you want to see any real distance at low tiers you need binos regardless. And while the T-26 has more health, that doesn't really make it more survivable since it's more likely to have to eat damaging hits than either the BT-2 (which can escape easily) or T-60 (which won't get raped by literally every gun in the game).

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