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securing bandwidth for WoT

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Zefod42 #21 Posted 18 August 2015 - 03:28 PM


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Wow guys, really nice to see so many people are trying to help. Its nice to have backup in the dark times.......


Anyway some clarification/replies:


I have tried to hook my computer up straight to the router with a network cable (dont know how theyre called).  but it did not really seem to change anything. It didnt give me any better ping when 'stuff went down' so to say.


And yes, our router allows for no QoS features at all, living in the rural area of Belgium........ 

As far as I know switching ISP wont help since there is no interest to replace the line as its really long and not many people use it. 


Ive read a few things about software that could do these things, but nothing that isnt extremely vague. 

Again, if buying a new router is the only way then so be it. Would be really nice if anyone could tell/link me something on these kinds of software so I can check it out. Ive heard of advanced stuff that can really destroy your network if not done properly so hopefully that wont be necessary.



CroustibatFR #22 Posted 18 August 2015 - 03:53 PM


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Check the link i posted on the previous page. Cheaper than any router you could find IMHO.

an0ther #23 Posted 18 August 2015 - 04:03 PM


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When your Internet connection (that long copper wire) from your ISP to your house is as slow as it is, there is nothing you can do yourself to speed it up, especially if changing ISP / getting a 4G is not an option.

Changing the old router to a new similar one might help a bit, but it is unlikely. With max 1 MB download speed you will have congestion on that copper wire everytime you or your your GF wants to see a video or downloads something.


Your only reasonable option would be to get a faster internet package, but as it is not an option, the next best choice is to :


1. Get rid of Wireless. Disable Wireless altogether from your Router. No phones or iPad connecting directly to your router by WLAN to mess with the setup. You will want all traffic to go thought the switch (see next step).

2. Get that NeatGear switch CroustibatFR mentioned in his/her post.

3. Connect your router and PC's to the switch with cables to make a home network.

4. From the switch, set Bandwith limitations to each switch port that is used for a PC. so if you have 1MB Internet speed and 2 PC's, give each PC 0.5MB max rate (or divide as you see fit, you'll probably need to tinker with these for best result). 

5. If you 100% must have phones etc. connected via WLAN, forget this and see second option.


Note. This will not make your Internet connection any better. What it does is that your GF, when watching videos or whatnot will probably complain that her internet just got way worse, and he can't look 720p vids anymore because they're so laggy and needs to go down to 480p to make it bearable. It's kind of like forced "don't hog all my bandwidth" educational thing for her. This is what you want to happen - so that the congestion on your copper line from your ISP decreases a bit and you'll have more space in it for your own stuffs. 


Second, and easier option is to spend some money on a new, quality consumer router with  more advanced features - something like a netgear nighthawk http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R7000.aspx etc. and setup some QoS tweaks in it. I doubt it will help much as your root cause is the bad quality ISP line, but might be worth a try.


ADDITION :  To be brutally honest, sub 1MB ISP line is SO bad, that it might actually get congested with large images and ads, facebook forcefeeding video clips etc. on content heavy websites, so you may well be beyond any help.  :(

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Barba_Electrica #24 Posted 18 August 2015 - 07:54 PM

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__Zippy__ #25 Posted 18 August 2015 - 09:11 PM


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1mb per sec? what country are you in?

Zefod42 #26 Posted 18 August 2015 - 09:23 PM


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so speedtests show 3MB/s, but the actual line seems to not do as much when the ISP tests it from their side, either way i know my connection is horrible and it wont be any faster. Thats why im looking for a way to just ensure that WoT can run either way, i can deal with videos buffering/sites loading very slowly (im used to that by now). 


Just FTR, its not like i want to poach all the bandwidth for myself. Everyone living with me is actually really supportive and understanding about my issue, thats why i can play the game in the first place. But if only i could have a higher priority on WoT traffic everything would be fixed. We are already very careful with our bandwidth and its quite barable, i have steady 40 ms of ping when nothing major is happening. It just goes bad really quickly when stuff starts happening.



Ill explain our situation in a bit more detail. since its not as easy as it might seem:


We live in a sort of collective living community kind of thing (hard to explain) so we share our connection with our 'neighbours'. We have modem on our side and a second router installed on their side so the signal can reach them. The second router is using one of the LAN ports (gates?) on our device. So i was thinking, if i could hook up my PC with a cable and have the router using the other port, would an advanced device be able to prioritise a certain port (or ensure a certain amount of bandwidth through that port at all times)?


Another question, if we can cope with our connection now prioritising wot traffic shouldnt really change the situation for everyone else that much right?


Again thx for the support all


EDIT: Another idea we were having is putting one powerful router somewhere where both us and our neighbours can have a signal (its one big building so we know a spot that should work) and then using the QoS features on that. I dont know the specifics is the problem but if someone could confirm that it should work im sure i could find out how. 

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