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Looking for a clan..

Help! Overheating Useless player Noobs everywhere! Meh is a major noob

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Balz0rz #1 Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:05 PM


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So we meet again 'Looking for a Clan' -section...


After I've been inactive for almost an half a year, I finally should have time to play once again! Game haven't changed too much, still sets my overheating laptop on fire and gives me an perfect excuse to suck every now and then. I could go and spam your recruiters, but I'm a bit special case... Or just simply lazy. Your call.


But to the point, if you're still interested in what I have to say after what I've already said.


I'm looking for a clan with friendly, mature'ish people with good sense of humour. My own skill level at the very moment is a bit mystery for myself too, but I really have no intention to play alone without people who to steal kills from without being whined to death. This is where your members hopefully kick in. Would prefer a clan that atleast wishes to do CWs in future, and be competitive in overall.


And about me. You simply should know me already. I'm a legend. /ego


Or a noob. Stuff that point of view has huge affect in. Would prefer if you took the 'I am a legend' -view. Even though I am not. Anyways!...


So... I am 24 years old finnish student, can speak english at an acceptable level (In my opinion, curse those who disagree) and have TS!

Before I went inactive because of school and work and stuff, I used to be ok'ish player, closing the mighty blue color in statistic things. My heart is with LT's due the challenge they used to be, and for now I can't see that changing. Played mostly with UN1TE, and joined DEF as these clans chose to merge. And back to UN1TE when they couldn't make their marriage work. No offence intented. Last time I was around, we did OK on Global Map, even landing few times(?). Just to be fair though, I only have one T10 for now, and I'm horrible grinder.


Reading this text makes my eyes melt. I won't take any responsibility of the damage you may be caused by reading this horse crap. I'm being serious though, with a little twist.


Please do contact me if you think your clan is what I am looking for, and wish to take an useless joker to your mighty set up. :unsure:


EDIT: To save your time... Overall WN8 - 1575

                                         Last ~1000 - 1971

                                         Overall WR - 53.50%

                                         Last ~1000 - 54.58%


Please note that almost all stats are from last winter.


Yours sincerely,



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Vahakn #2 Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:20 PM

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PM sent  ;)

Dr_Grigz #3 Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:37 PM

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Check out ARKT  or DIIN, Arkt if you wana do stronkholds and CW and Diin if you want to do SH and CW in the near future ;)

Balz0rz #4 Posted 31 August 2015 - 03:10 PM


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I have no idea how to delete a topic, someone wiser feel free to tell me if it can be done. :(


But found a clan, thank you all. :honoring:

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