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QSF-L is recruiting !

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DaGold_Risk #1 Posted 04 September 2015 - 08:09 PM


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Originally written by JohnnyMaverick, edited by DaGold_Risk
Since the beginning of 2013 we are building this community and currently we have more than 450 clanmembers playing under the flag of Quickybaby.

We are supporting the fans of Quickybaby, giving them a platform to share information and bringing in ideas, while actively playing together with like-minded people.
About QSF-L:

QSF-L is one branch of the wider QSF community. As a community we aim to be competitive while having fun and to encourage the evolution of players in their play and enjoyment of WOT.

In QSF-L we aim to get strongholds back up and running ! Since recently all our members went into QSF-E, we want active players to participate in strongholds. Hence the opening of this recruitment thread here to perhaps reach players who have never considered us before.

What can we offer you?


While QSF-L specifically do not currently play CW (although did participate in the Armageddon campaign picking up 15 IS5s) we are planning to restart at least tier 6 strongholds and 8 strongholds in the next couple of weeks .

Our main focus at the moment is to get more people to join the clan so we can get casual strongholds going again !


Once in QSF-L however you will have the opportunity to move to other branches of the QSF community with less emphasis put on stats and more put on recommendation from us, in fact we encourage people to join us to later move to QSF-X and QSF main, who both play regular CW and tier 10 SH. So we can be a longer term route in even if you cannot join them directly now due to not meeting their requirements!


Of course as part of a wider community you would also have access to a few hundred players to platoon with and make friends with.


One final highlight which may be of interest to some players. We do appear on Quickybabies live stream every now and again on a Tuesday and he commands us in SH. Of course it is not a requirement to attend this event but we always have planned rotations and make sure anybody who does want to play, will get at least a few games in.



Requirements to join:
Overall Win rate: 51%
Overall WN8: 1100
Must have at least one of these tanks:
Cromwell B
T 37
type 64 (optional)
While we do accept people who just have a heavy, we would require you to grind out one of the light tanks ASAP so you could participate in light tanks set-ups. 
Finally applicants must be interested in playing fairly regularly! As a requirement we ask every player to gain 100 SH resources a week, or failing that at least 500 over a month. For people unfamiliar with SH and resources, this would represent at most a couple of hours play per week, and can be achieved in an individual session. Of course if people are unable for given periods of time because of RL issues and happenings, we do account for that as long as we are notified ASAP.
To Apply: 
please head over to our forums:
be sure to use the template when making your application post, found here:
If you do not meet our requirements you could consider our sister clan, QSF-S, http://quickybaby.com/forums/2/8232, and even if you do not wish to join please feel free to jump into our TS to platoon if it takes your fancy any time! There are almost always a few people on even in the morning and early afternoon. Server address: Teamspeak.Quickybaby.com, no password required :)
Questions are welcomed through this thread or via PM as preferred. We hope to hear from you soon, in the mean time, good tanking! :)


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Sylvansight #2 Posted 04 September 2015 - 08:43 PM

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good work :)

phood #3 Posted 05 September 2015 - 12:48 AM


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Bump for good tankers!

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