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[tutorial]new GMM value range since 0.9.9 and its effect on metallic detail map

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I won't bother with the definition of GMM channels again. I'll just state what has been changed in 0.9.9


At the initial release of 0.9.9 I thought they only shifted average R from 100 to 140. But when I found some of my remodels missing their metallic detail map while WG models are unaffected, I know there is more. So I built a matrix model and apply a gradient GMM map and patterned detail map. Here is what I found.


for a full-size image to see the texture better, check the spoiler




So now we can create mirror-like GMM without having to separate their geometry from main model first then disable their metallic detail map.

The down side is, if you want to retain the metallic texture overlay, the reflection strength is capped near 130. Anything higher will lose the overlay texture.


Of course the biggest drawback is that most remodels need to have their GMM retuned for best visual effect.


So, a typical non-reflective flat armor plate should have GMM tuned near RGB(140,50,0) or lower while reflective worn-out metal edges and scratch around RGB(150, 130, 0) if you want the overlay. 

Optics can use RGB(255,70,0) 

Mirrors can use RGB(255,255,0)

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