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[FVRIE] wants YOU!

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rolfwar #1 Posted 19 September 2015 - 11:49 PM

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Hello there!
Are you looking for a clan to participate in Stronghold battles?
Are you looking for fun and daring platoons to blow tomatoes to smithereens?
Are you looking for adventure in Clan War?
Do you intend to participate in competitive ESL events?
We are the right clan for you!
FVRIE is a leading clan in the italian community, formed months ago from the strongest elements of the now-defunct IENE and DRNDT clans.
Not too familiar with the italian language? Don´t worry! We have plenty of players with whom you can speak in english without any problem whatsoever!
FVRIE is looking for active players, particularly willing to take part to the current CW campaign and to participate in Stronghold battles! We are also very active in the Italian ESL Community, and are welcoming of anyone interested!
Minimum Requirements:
- 18 years of age.
- At least tier VI tanks, including any of the following: Cromwell, Cromwell B, T37, KV-85, T-150, Type 64.
- 1400 WN8 and/or 1600+ recent WN8.
- A constant presence.
- Access to a microphone and TeamSpeak 3 installed.
- A good grasp of English.
- Tier VIII tanks, including the following: T-54 ltwt, AMX 50 100, IS-3, AMX 13 90, Pershing, T32, 110, T-49, RU 251.
- Tier X tanks, including any of the following: T-62A, Obj. 140, IS-7, E100, BatChat 25t, M48 Patton, 121, Leopard 1, STB-1, E50M, AMX 50b, T-57 Heavy, 113, IS-4, Maus, FV215B.
- 1800 WN8 and/or 2000+ recent WN8
- Previous experience in CW
For any and all inquiries, feel free to contact me!

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