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A-R-D Armoured Reconaissance Division - recruiting now.

A-R-D Clan recruiting Members wanted

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Gazbeard #1 Posted 25 September 2015 - 11:41 AM


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About A-R-D

We are a casual and semi competitive clan on the EU server. We run various clan events such as Skirmish nights(see Section II) where we knuckle down and pit ourselves against other clans in a duel for supremacy, and Training sessions where we can all get together and catch up on the current tactics we are using on certain maps. We consist of players from all over the world, playing from all sorts of locations



  • EU World of Tanks account
  • Good at speaking English (You do not need to be from the United Kingdom)
  • At least 1x Tier VI Vehicle (Preferably not Artillery)
  • Microphone (Your voice must be clear) and speakers, or headset.


Vehicles Preferred Tier VI - one each of -

  • Fast LT (e.g. 59-16, MT-25, etc.)
  • Fast MT (e.g. Cromwell, Cromwell B)
  • Sniper MT or TD (e.g. T-34-85, Hellcat, Wolverine) ... turreted vehicles preferred to fit with team tactics!
  • Agile HT (e.g. KV-85)
  • Brawler HT (e.g. M6, HT Type VI, O-I)


Vehicles Preferred Tier VIII - optional right now, but required before the end of 2015, minimum any two from the following classes -

  • High view range LT
  • Fast MT (flanking & brawling capable)
  • Sniper MT or TD (preferred that they can tank or bounce incoming fire e.g. T26E4)
  • Agile HT with or without auto-loader
  • Brawler HT with high penetration AND damage


Unlike most clans, A-R-D do nor insist (yet) that you have several tier-X vehicles or a WN8 of x-thousand, only that you are actively playing several times per week and that you try to be available most Wednesday and Sunday evenings between 7:00pm and 10:00pm (UK time) for training events and clan skirmishes.  We offer a friendly camaraderie and lots of fun while helping you to achieve your best effort in World of Tanks.


Clan page in the WoT portal = http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500027039/


We all look forward to meeting you.

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PriyeshMistry #2 Posted 03 October 2015 - 01:50 PM

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hi here at Z-R-2 we are also a new clan, i was just wondering as we are both new we can merge our two clans together. If you are interested pls message me...at Z-R -2 we are sister clans with Z-R and friends with WHO so we have many active players for platoons and share a ts with them 

Kelvekarrick #3 Posted 06 October 2015 - 05:07 PM


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I am the commander of A-R-D. Thankyou for your offer, an interesting proposal you give(in a Yoda voice of course lol), however I personally don't plan to merge the clan at this point, as we have everything set up now after 6 months of hard work which is starting to pay off, such as our own TS server and webpage, with a proper website currently being built by Gazbeard and myself. That said though, since I have my council, would you mind if I consult with them about their feelings on the matter for possible future plans?



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