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Subterfuge- anyone else playing this?

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BugPowderDust #1 Posted 15 October 2015 - 04:50 PM

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Just released on iOS and Android, I love this game! Anyone else play it?


It's a great game for those with limited time to play games. Great UI, clean graphics and really fun to play (and free- you pay if you want to play more than one game at a time, but one is enough to start with!)


In a nutshell, its a submarine strategy game which plays out in real-time rather than turns. The premise of the game is to beat your opponents in mining a certain amount of 'Neptunium'. This is a clever way of ensuring the games don't go on for ever. Once mined, you can't lose it (well, a small portion if your mine gets taken over). You have drillers (your weapons, and also what you use to mine), and subs to move them around in. Subs move in real time, and will take hours to reach their target. So, you have to plan ahead a lot!


You have 2 types of outposts, one creates drillers, the other dictates how many drillers you can have at once. Combat is easy to calculate, no RNG. You also get specialists which really mix things up with their special abilities.


It gets very compelling fast as each player is surrounded, there is no edge of the map. You have to trust some of your neighbours not to attack you as you deal with an attack from the other side of your turf. 


You get a great feature that you can use to wind time forward (or backwards if you missed something) to see how attacks will pan out, and you can queue up orders in the future.


Anyway, give it a go, it's free and you may like it. See you in the sea!



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