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Should WG rework/replace T95 ?

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Poll: T95 Amazing or Terrible? (10 members have cast votes)

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T95 Amazing or Terrible?

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Vilerin #1 Posted 22 October 2015 - 08:22 AM


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In my opinion it's worst T9 TD in the game, few reasons:

1. It's so slow that most battles are finished before you can even take part in.

2. You can die before even leaving spawn on few maps.

3. It's armor isn't as amazing as it might look, any decent player knows about weakspots and T10 TD gold pens frontaly anyway.

4. You can hardly use biggest adventage on this tank (armor) because ppl will always track you and try to get your back (ppl just will 3 or 2 vs 1 you and you can do nothing about it).

5. It's arty aim practice and most spots where you can hide from are are just terrible for TD (anyway getting here with this tank is also miracle).

6. Your team plays 14 vs 15 for 1st 5/6 min of the game - this means most games before you can do something are going to end.


This tank is painfull to drive, lack of any reliable infuelnce on battlefield just makes ppl rage. There are many tanks that handle bad and make ppl leave the game when they think about grinding next one but this one is worst I have ever encountered.


I may be wrong so I am looking forward for any advices how to reliably play this tank to lead my team to victory. All suggestions are hot welcomed!

Rosetta_and_Philae #2 Posted 25 October 2015 - 06:12 PM


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This tank was the best TD in the game alongside the Object 704.  Unlike the 704 it was harder to play due to its slow speed but sometimes could hold an entire flank on its own but that was years ago before the power creep  Today most the maps this tank played on have been removed or reworked to suit much more faster tanks of various shapes and sizes.  Whenever I look at the T95 it reminds me of when WOT was in its prime and when solid defensive tactics were just as important as offensive ones but the problem is the recent map changes have pointed to a more offensive approach.  You mention the tracks, yes well indeed they do come off very easily even though it is double tracked.  Well anyways be proud of the fact that you own an actual real tank that is a gem alongside the Maus.:)  

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