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M7 or Chaffee Lane, please help

chaffee M5 stuart m7 light

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Attenbachfighter #1 Posted 27 October 2015 - 01:06 PM


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Hey everyone,



i am just about to max out my Stuart. Now, i am only interested in getting towards the T57 Hvy. So, i asked on QB's Video of the T57 Hvy and of course asked lots of People during the battle. Now, i really disliked the Stuart for ist bad gun, weak armor and unsophisticated mobility. I'd heard, that most People prefer going down the Chaffee lane, especially because the M7 is meant to be quite bad.


Now, i prefer to drive tanks with autoloaders and good accuracy.

Chaffee lane:

Chaffee seems to be a very good tank if you know how to Play it. drawback is, that as a Tier 5 light, it can get into Tier 9 matchups.

T37. havent heart a lot about that one, but autoloader is optional.

Bulldog. I meant to be absolutely awesome tank, many People love it sooo much. Autoloaders optional too.

T49, the tank with the derp gun. Dat howitzer with the worst accuracy in the game (apart from arty). like a kv2 but with that extra mobility


M7 lane.

M7. heart that this tank doesn't rock at all. compared to the chaffee, this tank got less dpm, less Penetration etc.

T21.  havent heart a lot about that one... no autoloader yet

T71. in order to get T69, you will have to Research the autoloader-gun anyway. Looks like a very good tank, but didn't get too much Information on this one.

T69. like the T71...


Now, the M7 lane resemlbes much more like the T57hvy. a tank with mediocre armour, autoloader and good mobility for ist Tier. Chaffee lane is from Tier to Tier a different Kind of tank. I found out that if you would Research the autoloaders in the chaffee lane, you will have to earn about 30k xp more in total to get from the Stuart to the T54E1. Im really ambivalent, thinking about going the chaffee or m7 lane. Help would be highly appreciated, as this would clear up so much and help many other People too.


Thanks in advance, Attenbach


(all wrong capital letters result from my auto-correction, sorry for that)


leggasiini #2 Posted 27 October 2015 - 05:07 PM

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Chaffee line is overall better, IMO. Chaffee is good, T37 is good too, Bulldog is great, T49 is FUN. On other hand, what i heard that M7 is okay, T21 is meh, T71 is good althrough it got marginally nerfed after HD rework, T69 is solid, i guess. M7 line's crew training is also retarded. LT - MT - LT - LT - MT - MT - HT (m7 line) vs LT - LT - LT - LT - MT - HT. (chaffee line) Yeah. 

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elijaa #3 Posted 28 October 2015 - 09:53 AM


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I went both line, and kept Chaffee, M41 and T49.


M7 & T21 are okay but inferior (Power & fun factor) vs Chaffee (Almost 3 MoE on it) & T37.

T71 is good but inferior to M41.

And I've got some problems with T69 and it's low penetration/accuracy so T49 for me to reach the T54


Block Quote

  I found out that if you would Research the autoloaders in the chaffee lane, you will have to earn about 30k xp more in total to get from the Stuart to the T54E1.

 30K when you have fun & good tanks is nothing ^^

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tnk_x5000 #4 Posted 31 October 2015 - 01:43 PM

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The main problem with the Chaffee line is the sizes of the tanks - they are all rather tall, thus their camo is something slightly lacking. Still, all other aspects are from average to great. The M7 line is the old line, where the T71 is the only tank that is worth the grind, but both the T21 and T71 have the superior smaller sizes.


Chaffee - 3rd fastest tank in the game, though not as mobile as the Leopard, with a gun that is meant to see tier 6 at worst, yet it sees tier 8.

T37 - slow for a light, fast for a medium, tall, with lacking camo for a light, unarmored for a medium, and only the highly penetrating gun saves the tank.

Bulldog - you are here for the autoloader with 10 shells and 34 sec. reload.

T49 - if you are ready to use the howitzer, go for it, it is worth it, but if you would prefer the small gun, better play the Ru 251.


M7 - not a bad little medium-light hybrid with regular MM.

T21 - if only it had the maximum speed, but at least is sees very good and it is not too hard to hide.

T71 - small, easy to manage autoloader and a rather low form.

T69 - I am still waiting for the penetration buff, but the stock gun, mobility and view range can do the work.


That is in a nut shell, but you will have to search more in the forums to get into specifics, from which there are plenty.

sruz25cz #5 Posted 04 November 2015 - 05:58 PM


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The M7 line is not bad at all.

Chaffee does have a bit better 75mm gun, but M7's best (the 57mm) gun has better penetration (and great ROF to make up for lower alpha) AND better matchmaking. With Chaffee you find yourself in situations where you can not penetrate your opponents much more often. T21 is good too, even though it looks worse than the old Chaffee (basically T37) on paper, I was getting better results with it thanks to its size among other things.


And if I recall correctly, M7 and T21 can have some components already researched from other vehicles (not sure about this though, correct me if I'm wrong).


M7 probably gets bad reputation from people using the 75mm guns who play it like your average medium. It was actually developed as a replacement for light tanks and should be played accordingly.

punkadelic #6 Posted 04 January 2016 - 02:20 PM


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I haven't been playing Chaffee very long but so far I am almost always bottom in the list and up against tier 8 a LOT of the time, mobility and speed is good but it gets tracked a lot too.

Obviously agaist tier 8's being tracked is pretty serious and my battles don't last very long, spoiling any fun I might have got from driving the tank.

Of course it is often one shot by much higher tier enemies anyway so all in all be prepared for a LOT of frustration.

In my humble opinion the whole scout tank role needs some tweaking due to the above issues, especially the lower tier ones like the Chaffee, dunno about higher tier lights as I always run out of fun factor and stop researching/buying them.

Personally, I will continue with the Chaffee line as I want see how the higher tier lights in the line perform.

I suspect they will be much the same..

cobalt_killer #7 Posted 29 December 2016 - 08:05 PM

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Well I've reached the bulldog and after deciding I don't want to get the t49 (not a huge fan of massively inaccurate guns) I've just free-exp the m7 from Stuart (no way I was getting that junk again!)


Now I'm 10 games in, have already ace tankered it (wasn't hard!) And I'm starting to wonder if its worth it or not...


The only autoloader I've played so far is the bulldog, but with a 10rnd clip its not a true autoloader really...so I'd like experience of them at "lower" tiers before hitting tier 9/10 ideally.

DacucelRau #8 Posted 10 February 2017 - 09:57 AM


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1. I would recomand Chafee(dedicated scout) lane is much easier and fun to make: T37(keeper) is so nice to play with autoloader -> M41 WalkerBulldog(keeper) is even much better and nice to play -> T49(keeper) when you get the derp gun this is the best fun comedy tanks ever any time you play it you forget about all your problems

2. M7 lane still is ok even m7  -> T-21 i love it so fast and fast firing -> t-71 also a a good tank with nice gun to play but Bulldog is much  better -> T-69 penetration is way to low when you end up to T9-T10 even on some t8 like IS-3 you can pen from front without premium so you must flank a lot with T-69.

Conclusion: Take the Chafee line is much  easier to play and more fun. You`ll finish this line in no time you wont notice when you done with it :) Have fun!

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s0r1n3l #9 Posted 10 February 2017 - 10:19 AM

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Chaffe is a good tank, good gun for when you hit gold and get a tier 6 match, and good enough scout for those tier 8 games.

Loved the t49 so much i bough it again after i finished with the t57 line. It`s fun to run around at 70kph and derp around, and most of all see the look of terror of other scouts when they spot you and see you aiming at them (just like in the GIF above). It`s by no means a good light, but it`s a fun one, specialy when the game is amost over and you can run around and clean up those low hp targets.

CptLunar #10 Posted 22 May 2017 - 10:40 PM


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go chaffee line... once u finish that get t71 its very good

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