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Looking for clan for organized play

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Maauru #1 Posted 17 November 2015 - 08:06 AM

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I am looking for clan.
So far I have mostly being focused in grinding lines and solo play so my organised play experience is limited as 99,9% of my battles are solo play in randoms.
Now that I have grinded enough lines and trained crews I would like to go into organised battles to relax from frustration of solo random battles that can often occur.


I would like to mostly go into higher tier battles simply as I usually transfer my crew during grind so my best crews are in top tier tanks. That is why I do not have high selection of T6/8 tanks as I simply sent crews to T10 ones. My stats in T10 tanks may not be best ones but that is simply as I never put much focus on actually playing T10 tanks but more to grind to them.
But as I research them I can of course get any of T6/8 tank needed that is part of line of my T10 tank just that I would need to train new crew for it as I personally do not like to play any T6+ tank without at least 2 skill crew but 3 skill is desirable in my book (specially for T8 and above).
Though, I have very nice selection of premium trainers so training new crew shouldn't be much of issue except for some line where I do not have premium trainer.


Tier 10 tanks that I currently have:


BatChat 25t
Object 140
WTE 100


Soon/easy to have:


E100 - tank is researched but never purchased. Crew for it is of course ready.
AMX50B - 70k XP to unlock it so very soon to have it. Credits are already ready so I will purchase it as soon as I research it
Leopard 1 - Leopard PTA unlocked and have crew prepared. So, it would require grind through Leopard PTA to unlock and buy Leopard 1


Tier 8 tanks that I currently have:


AMX 13 90


and AMX CDC and JT88 as premiums but I guess they are not interesting for organised play.


Tier 6 tanks that I currently have:


Type 64


All above mentioned tanks have very good crews. Also, all of them have permanent cammo on it (even if it doesnt mean much on some of them) but that is just as to show that I want my keeper tanks to be "pimped up" maximally and I put effort into my tanks to be as effective as possible and that only limitation is my skill.
That is reason why I am short of lower level tanks (no good crews).


Lines for which I have solid/good crews trained and waiting in trainer premiums for start of grind with good crew:


american light
american medium
american heavy
soviet light
soviet heavy
british medium
british heavy
japaneese medium


If you think that I could fit into your clan please send me PM.
Keep in mind that for T6/8 tanks unless I already have prepared crew as mentioned above I would need to train one.


Thank you!

USMV_mc #2 Posted 17 November 2015 - 08:56 AM


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Check out the various Clans [BAD] offers..such as BAD-E, BAD-S, BAD-1.   solo, platoon, SH, Clan battles.  I switched from NA to EU server due to my NA midnight shift work schedule.  Its prime time on the EU when I get home and its been a blast.

Maauru #3 Posted 17 November 2015 - 10:48 PM

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