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maps unplayable tanks mods overall

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suslenochek #1 Posted 30 November 2015 - 11:49 AM


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Hello to all who want to read this topic.

I play the game for almost 2 years by now, and sadly seeing as the game quality degrading very fast.

Again they deleted maps from the game without adding a number of maps according to the number of deleted maps.

Seriosly, must ask, what the heck is wrong with wargaming?

Why delete such a massive amounts of maps over such a short period of time?

This degraded the games quality alot.

I myself love online games for diversity of maps, but seeing many maps get deleted, lowers my motivation to play.

Not to mention the long promises never applied, as the 10.0 new engine wich surely will enhance the games quality, but the more they wait, the more adecvate players leave the game.


Playing heavies became boring and time/energy wasting. because arti can one shot you quite easily, and i dont want to read "wg lickers" comments as:" hide better".

No, that doesnt work in most cases, you'll have to go and rush a tank or move to a flag leaving covers, only to recieve a shot from a waiting arti.

Those who write "hide better", lack the appropriate understanding of the world and reality and must "grow up".

I marked grow up for one reason: because many of those saddly are adults.

In additon players use mods that can easily show you were to penetrate a heavy, making us rise a question: "is there a further point to play heavies in random?"

Apart of that, heavies are somewhat fine in global battles due to low use of artillery and overally dififrent battle types.



Notice, that the only playable tanks are mediums and scouts. Those lately start doing alot, jumping in xp over other tank tiers.

Game works like that, so faster tanks get advantage in many scenarios, thus making mediums as games best tanks and scout as 2nd to best.

As a 1500 wn8 player, i usually play not bad. I cannot present an avarage of damage because i play all tiers, and mostly lower tiers (2-6), because in lower tiers balance is somewhat better.

I noticed over a time of games since patch 9.8, that i started playing scouts and mediums quite well, without any difficluty.

But heavies and td's, became to much of a suffering to play.(i play arti rarely, and cant say much about it)

Either arti kills/severely damages you or any player with a mod easily penetrates you.

A logical solution would be either nerf artillery damage by atleast 25%, so the top damage canon will cover up to 1500 damage, or double the time the bullet flies.

Thus making artis more fair to play towards other tank classes.

You all surely know the feeling of completely devastated mood, when on start of the game, artillery one shots all of your tanks hp.

But, backing up the start of this topic, doesnt seem theres updates or development to reverse main problems in the game.


Now the issue of the mods that was discussed infinitely.

On RU server, for example, there is a list of banned mods, and you can bring replays as evidence to punish players.

EU is the only server that doesnt have a list of banned mods.

Why is that? Is it lazyness, inability to do it, or someone just wanted to save some personal money instead of hiring a professional on the subject?

I dont know what really going in wg, and dont have the right to bring random facts, all of the above are assumptions.

A little example: when you ride a tiger 2, and a new player to the game, with horrible stats on a mediocre tank, that requirs alot of knowledge to know where to penetrate tiger 2, penetrates him every single shot. (imagine T-43, because that what happen)

Mods as XVM are really helpfull, they mostly help you to witness the horrible balance in this game. Some mods for free camera and skins are fun and aceptable.

But mods for tundra dissapearance, and especially mods for breakable object are absurd.

Every clan i've been to, used Breakable objects mod,. (cant say about my current clan, because im new to it and didnt witnessed the mod yet).

This means one thing, theres no much point to use appropriate tactic to maps in global wars on the map. Since every planned tactic is changed after 30 seconds of battle start, due to someone saying "here something broke" and pointing to a map square.

This makes global battles just a battle of "who will overcheat who".


Lastly i will summarize what i wrote.

The deletion of many maps damaged many players motivation and especially mine, for i am one to love diffirent maps.

Putting domination maps for random would be a nice thing to do, to bad WG didnt do it.

Heavies are a pain in the head to play, i personaly have 2 heavies, 110 wich i dont play and OI wich is way to overpowered tank and i use him for personal msisions.

Other heavies i sold long ago and focus on gainging more mediums and lights as they are still good to paly on.

Mods seem to be an issue that will never be treated.


I heard many good players leaving WOT due to the fast degrading of the game and i understand them.

When i started 2 years ago, the game was alot of fun, but lately became to unenjoyable.

I personally meet many who left the game, either for another tanks game or leaveing tanks universe for all.

I myself stay, and sometimes enjoy playing with my clan on globals VS diffirent clans. Random became to time wasting for me to play it anymore.

Even x3's dont make me play it or enjoy it.

I also played dominations a little, just to find them even worse balanced than random, and seeing the barely possible domination missions, i didnt even tried to do them.

After 3 domination games i quited it.

Rises a little question: "why putting effort in a mod that not many play, instead of putting efforts in something else".

Guees that wont be answered as well.


The game still have a very good arcade, but thats mostly the only thing about it

Apart of all said, if anyone want to talk about the topic, bring reasons on why balance is bad or why many maps are deleted or anything else on the topic, i would like to read that.

Good luck to all in the game and lets hope WG puts more efforts in making WOT better.









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Joggaman #2 Posted 01 December 2015 - 07:56 PM

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Block Quote

 Every clan i've been to, used Breakable objects mod


*running over to wot-life to check clan history*

Gandalf_193 #3 Posted 02 December 2015 - 11:52 AM


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A Breakable Objects Mod? Imagine me Saying That like Granny and You will understand what I Mean. As For the game not Being fun, the Thing is, You've been Playing for 2 Years. Every Game Gets old After 2 Years of Playing, Mr. Map Man!

Shacou #4 Posted 02 December 2015 - 12:01 PM

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Wg really should improve their map algorithm. I'm getting retarted amounts of same maps. Like Himmelsdorf/Himmelsdorf/winter himmelsdorf/kharkov/himmelsdorf again..
When i click BATTLE, 70% of the time i get either Himmelsdorf, Kharkov, Stalingrad, Ruinberg, Ensk or their winter editions. Which makes them appear twice as much.

Gandalf_193 #5 Posted 03 December 2015 - 11:35 AM


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Well, Really. I am Rather skeptic About that. I don't Get Those maps Unless I Use REALLY low Tire Vehicles. ie. tier 3-4. I nerly Never get Kharkov or Himmesldorf

tigerstreak #6 Posted 05 December 2015 - 09:16 AM


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There used to be 20 maps?

Not convinced of wgs analysis of maps +reasons they say to remove maps.

Guess they dont want to put in any effort to make them hd, or cant manipulate them to make 1 team win

Also tagged with maps, unplayable, tanks, mods, overall

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