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found a small problems in the new uppdate

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Pestrof #1 Posted 30 November 2015 - 02:44 PM


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i was kind of happy with the patch befor and this new one realy mabe some changes, but there is 1 thing that u havent fixts...

the bots programs in the game u get to play with vs players is not so good, they camp to much, they dont realy hit anything and some times they just rush forward and die for no reason, i have even seen an E-100 with error, he camp on a hill 800M away from the enemys, he did 0 dmg the game and block 0 dmg

so there is still some bugs in the game

and last but not least i have seen some bots kill each other, realy weird, belive the best way to fix this is just so u cant kill a team player


Gandalf_193 #2 Posted 02 December 2015 - 11:23 AM


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Nah, A Bot Program is Made to NOT be Identified. WG wont be Able to Do anything about that. As for Teamkillers, It would be Un-realistic if You shoot a Friendly tank and do no damage AND that's how I Make 10% of my Money, Doing a Huge Chunk of damage, and them being killed by a Team Member. Really, That Extra 5000 Credits is Very Good.

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