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PASAN_1 #1 Posted 06 December 2015 - 11:06 AM


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I play this game a lot and I love her for that reason I started this conversation.
I play a lot and ruining from real life  here to enjoy, this is just a game no less.
I ask all those top players, purple blue or whatever, please unwritten here.
First, any random battle is too short, the 80% random fight a battle to finish in the first 5 minutes (no tactic, no thinking) .How to improve this?
Minimap is the split of (aj) and (1-0) .If you make the territory that team must occupy that position  to shoot from that position it to pay tribute to the battle.
Example (if the team wants to shoot from the territory h5, or e4 one tank takes 30 seconds to be able to shoot from that position or 3 tank 10 seconds.
This gives only examples because too fast random battles end, and the main reason is the bad MM.

How to do a better MM in random battles?
Again, my suggestion is:
Make a league or group, call it what you want.
How to do this?
We are all familiar with the so-called personal rating.
The first group would be up to 2000 personal rating.
Other 2000-4000
Third 4,000 to 6,000 and so on.
This procedure to improve MM and how the game itself.

I emphasize again these are only suggestions to improve the game I'm playing a lot and run away from real life.

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