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IS-3 auto as crew trainer or IS-2? Which is only available for 24hrs!

IS-3 auto IS-2 IS-3 auto Strongholds

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Brodie_ #1 Posted 16 December 2015 - 11:53 AM

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Hi guys,

I already have the Crommy B & Rudy, & when I saw that Wargamming were doing the advent calender deals, I decided that I would buy the IS-2 if it came out on special offer. Which it now is for roughly another 20 hours!

The quandry that I have. Is that I have plenty of well trained Russian crews already. So the crew that comes with the IS-2 with 100% BIA is not really that important to me.

The IS-3 auto is due for release very soon now & looks incredibly impressive on the reviews I have seen! The higher DPM that it has could make it a very competetive tank at tier 8 strongholds. Plus it may well become the dominant tier 8 heavy tank in pure brawling situations due to the higher DPM! It also looks like it will go against tier 10's without to much pain. The IS-2 of course sees tier 9's! (Have already decided against the IS-6, due to the IS-3 auto)

Now I have to question whether to go for the IS-2! Which seems to be a pretty good deal! But do I want to play it regularly?

With the posiblity that the IS-3 auto is going to be an alternative stronghold choice to the IS-3 with the vehicle locking on the global map!

Should I wait & buy the IS-3 auto???

I'm an experienced player with over 40K games.

Many thanks for your replies


K_A #2 Posted 16 December 2015 - 03:48 PM


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IS-3 auto only has 3 crew as the loading mechanism is automated (hence the name), so as a crew trainer your loader will be left without any love. Also it's going to cost a lot more than the IS-2. Then again if you are into strongholds and stuff the IS-3 auto can be a decent choice and as a tier 8 it will make more credits than the IS-2. 

Brodie_ #3 Posted 16 December 2015 - 05:18 PM

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That's what I was thinking. The loader runs out of really useful skill choices 1st, so that does't matter so much. Yes it will be more expensive & you won't get the special crew.

The American server already has it, & the price it costs is similar to the other tier 8 heavies.

I did not really enjoy the IS. Certainly knowhere near as much as the IS-3. But the other Berlin tanks are excellent!

Plus my account is so developed, the BIA crew is not so attractive. If it was not so developed I would certainly get them & would recommend going for it to someone stilll grinding up the soviet tree.

Plus any premium that I get that could serve in strongholds effectively is very valuable, & even though most premium vehicles are not as good as there counterparts. The IS-3 auto looks like it will be a better brawler than the IS-3 in close quarter combat.

It would be lovely to get the IS-2. But I'm thinking that it just would not be as fun as the IS-3 auto.

I've seen Quickybaby's review on it plus a few others. All the IS-2 reviews are with the tank as top tier. The IS-3 auto looks pretty handy at tier 10, which is really swaying me towards it. As I do not fancy tier 9 in the IS-2.

Have spent quite a bit more time watching reviews since my 1st post.

Hate that I have just several more hours to make the decision.

Does anyone else think that the IS-3 auto is looking seriously competetive as a clan wars tank?

Thanks for your reply

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