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Stage 3 Feedback (campaign 4)

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knightM #1 Posted 19 December 2015 - 01:07 PM


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Just like the previous 2 threads here is one for feedback thread for the stage 3 as a whole. I will do a summary feedback for all campaign in a few days.


The good:


- tbh, I find it hard to find any points that were only positive, the only real candidate would be the fact that results for campaign were not decided until the very end. Problem is that this is mostly due to various "random" mechanisms as described below.



The bad:


Number of provinces and landings. In combination with no landings on all provinces first day this made for crowded landings and also made the influence and auction mechanisms even more important. I'd expect this hurt small-medium size clans the most. Meaning clans that are outside of top 50 and are just going for player points. Either they could try to farm influence for bids and risk getting on the map on an empty province and them immediately loosing it. Or they had to try a landing with lots of good clans so they got points for just very few battles without a multiplier. Don't think this made them enjoy this stage at all.


Inability to see clan target province before they were on map. The first target provinces of a task were not shown in province information and only showed up if you clicked on the clan name on map (provided the clan was on map). This very simple thing made it harder for clans  at like 10th to 50th place to pick where to land or bid.



The ugly: 


- Again having influence (something accumulated due to activity outside of campaign) have a large effect on the results. T


- Not having all provinces as a landing on the first day, as has been the tradition in the past, and instead have the ability to bid directly on the tasks.


What was special for this stage was that this gave you advantage in number of tasks you could go for. With 15 man teams just about all clans had problems getting more than 3-4 teams at same time. Even with 4 teams you couldn't go for more than 4 tasks without bids since the landings from 20 always lasted until 22. With the more common 3 teams this dropped to 3 tasks. If you had just 1 team then with bids you could go for 3 tasks, without them you could go for 1 since otherwise landings would overlap.

Therefore taking tasks with bids (specially without a fight on first day) gave a big advantage.


- Bidding "lottery"

You can't call it auction cause it doesn't work like auction. In an auction you are able to see who is bidding and how much and can adjust. Here you pick some number and hope for the best. As mentioned before 5k bid on first day was about the average for all provinces. Yet you had clans using 7k and getting outbid while there was even a province that nobody bid on.  So whether you won the auction didn't depend on how much influence you had and used but also on who also had the province as a target and how lucky you wereThis was again picked by a "random" mechanism and not by "filling" the provinces - confirmed on first day when nobody had 1 province as a target. The net effect was that if two clans used exactly same ammount of influence on bids one could get 3 provinces (without a fight on first day) and the other got 0. And they had no indication of how it would work out cause you had no way of knowing who else had the province as first task target.


Note that this was also different from most of stages 1 and 2 since there you knew that for example enclave provinces will go for higher bids, or if they are held by a very good clan for lower bids. This allowed clans to at least choose where it is likely that the bid will work. Here it was 100% random. Clans going for playerpoints were especially hurt by this mechanism.


Because of the penalty system you also needed to plan for the number of battles. This was very problematic with a bidding lottery cause you had no way of knowing if the bid will work, almost independent on the amount of influence spend.


- Task "lottery"

After safari, clans complained how one single battle cause you to miss the whole task. Now this was made even worse because you not only lost task and progress but you also lost all points. On top of that:

- before choosing to continue you couldn't see which province is the next target. Really don't see any benefit in this, except making things even more random.

- any other movement/task action gives you 1h to cancel your decision. Here when you misclicked one or the other option it was instantly gone. I have reports about at least 3 clans who picked the wrong option  at some point and either lost the task or continued when they actually wanted the opposite. 


- Overall effect of these multiple "random" mechanism turned this stage into one big RNG machine


To sum it up the process with tasks went like this:

1. Task gets picked randomly in the primetime (applies both to bids and landings). For bids it can be an empty province where owner has no stack and you get it for free or a province attacked by 5 clans. Not only can't you choose map but you can't even see who else has this as their target if they are not on map.

2. Influence "lottery" during bids

3. Task "lottery" for picking next task

... and then back to point 1.


Sure it still mattered if you won battles. But even FAME which won significantly more battles than others lost at least 4 tasks during the process, for other clans the number was much higher (10+). So taking a task easily if the random combinations were favorable had a big impact. Keeping one task for 3-4 days (10-25k points) could easily move you up 10 places. For clans around 50th place just taking a task or 2 for one day by a "lucky" bid on an empty province meant the difference between not getting a tank for all players or getting it.

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Rockas01 #2 Posted 20 December 2015 - 02:27 PM

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would like to add the inlogic parts of this campaign,


Offcourse we play different tiers, but if u play tier 6, which can require more just yolo strategy and rng ammoracks then skill, u get the same amount of fame points a battle then when u play with tier 10s, talking about landing zones,

Tier 10 requires a lot more planning strategy and teamplay, but it is not really awarding accept for the missions for clan itself.

They should build up getting fame points

  • with tier 6 maybe 30 for a win average
  • tier 8 45 average fame points
  • tier 10 just 60/65

Fynnegun #3 Posted 22 December 2015 - 10:52 AM

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Thanks a lot knightM for each report after each stage with all constructive details, I wish I could reward you for that :)

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